GRUB Singapore (Bishan Park) and food delivery service via Deliveroo

I ditched the panda for the kangaroo this time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Previously, I would often use Foodpanda to order food online and have it delivered to my doorstep on lazy days when I just didn’t want to cook or even go out and buy. Now I’m a convert and I’ve been using Deliveroo ever since I came across a $20 off promo code for first time Deliveroo users. That code had expired but there might be new ones if you look up promo code websites in Singapore. In fact, there’s still an existing $22 off promo code ‘VISAROO‘ if you make payment with a Visa Infinite or Visa Signature credit card.

Grub Singapore

GRUB at Bishan Park isn’t exactly far from where I live (merely a few bus stops away plus a short walk) but their food is the type that will satisfy my junk food craving way more than MCD or BK. Though it was stated on the Deliveroo site that delivery might take 40 minutes, in actual fact it only took 20 minutes exactly. I was impressed. I wouldn’t even have made it to GRUB, ordered and got my food in that same time frame. The delivery guy was very friendly too. Good service.

My orders were neatly wrapped in paper and then packed in a transparent plastic bag together with disposable cutleries, serviettes and sauces. Everything came hot like they were served straight from kitchen to table.

Grub Singapore Cheeseburger

This was the GRUB Cheeseburger (S$13.91 incl. GST) that consisted of a 100% freshly minced beef patty with Monterey Jack cheese and a side of fries. This moment as I’m writing this post, I’m also checking out the Deliveroo website and I notice GRUB is offering a complimentary drink (choice of Ice Lemon Tea or Ice Honey Lemon) when you order any burger. Not bad! Quick, go order now!

The buns were soft and pillowy. The pretty thick beef patty was grilled to perfection so the inside was still slightly pinkish while the outside was caramelised. It was also moist and juicy. And I also enjoyed that cute tiny gherkin that kinda refreshed the palates when eating a full fat burger meal like this.

The fries were also incredible. They didn’t taste like processed frozen fries from a packet so most likely these were freshly cut potatoes. Crispy and crunchy while the inside remained soft and fluffy. Simply delicious.

GRUB Singapore Har Cheong Gai Burger

The Har Cheong Gai Burger (S$13.91 incl. GST) consisted of a huge slab of boneless chicken leg/thigh meat marinated with prawn paste and also a side of fries.

GRUB Singapore Har Cheong Gai Burger

While I felt it could do with a more intense prawn paste flavour, it was nonetheless a very good crispy chicken burger. It might be a bit greasy but the chicken meat was all moist and succulent and in fact was dripping juices when I bit into it.

What an enjoyable meal indeed and it wouldn’t have been that excellent if not for the speedy and efficient delivery too. I was really expecting soggy fries initially but I was so wrong. While I would also recommend visiting the GRUB restaurant for that dine-at-the-park experience and chillaxing atmosphere, you should also consider getting a food delivery as you save not just time but also on 10% service charge, transport and more if you use a promo code.

GRUB: http://grub.com.sg/
Deliveroo: https://deliveroo.com.sg/

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