Hup Lee Nasi Lemak @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

Godma and I were at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 as she wanted to grab a bottle of ointment (to ease joint pains and muscle aches) from this Chinese medical hall at Blk 302 whose physician happens to be Wong Fei Hong’s 4th generation disciple. I’m fascinated by resourceful folks like Godma herself who always know who to turn to for remedies for any injury, pain or ache in the body and it seemed like it was all from word of mouth as her older brother had sought treatment there before.

We arrived too early and the medical hall wasn’t open yet so we went exploring the neighbourhood to get some breakfast and coffee.

Came across this busy coffee shop nearby that had a good number of breakfast options like porridge, wanton mee, fried carrot cake but we settled on this nasi lemak stall as we were keen on trying its mee siam as we noticed a lot of people having it.

2013-11-20 09.35.10

Nasi lemak with that many fried stuffs at 9am in the morning was definitely not a typical breakfast for me but everything on display were all freshly fried and just looked so good so I couldn’t resist ordering this much. Anyway I had Godma to share the fats with!

The rice was firm, not soggy and had a rich flavour and aroma from the coconut milk. The sambal chilli was one of the best I had tried. A balanced concoction of sweet and spicy that brought out the true essence of a local Chinese style nasi lemak. The chicken wing was extremely crispy though I found the batter a little too thick but at least it was perfectly fried and wasn’t oozing unwanted oil with every bite. The fish cake patty and long beans were average. The home-made achar (pickled vegetables) wasn’t fantastic too as they weren’t pickled long enough so was lacking that flavour ooomph. Overall, this was still a meal I could easily eat again.

2013-11-20 09.35.40

The mee siam was really good, no wonder it was a top seller. And at just $2.50 per plate, it was certainly a very affordable dish. The broth was flavourful and the amount of ingredients (tau pok pieces and 1 whole hard-boiled egg) was ample. The beehoon was also nicely blanched so they maintained that springiness in them. This had my two thumbs up!

What a breakfast treat indeed! If you often hang out at AMK Hub/Central and wants to explore new dining options, check out this coffee shop that’s in the vicinity of the hub, just a 2-3 minutes walk away. The popular Hua Long Fish Head Steamboat that was featured on Channel 8’s Sizzling Woks is also located in the same coffee shop. A reason for me to return soon!

Hup Lee Nasi Lemak
Stall 7, i Coffee Shop
Blk 347 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
i Coffee Shop’s Facebook Page
Opening hours: 6.00am to 2.00pm Fri-Wed (Closed on Thu)

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