Rainbow Ice Ball @ Armenian Street | Penang

One of the top things to do when in Penang is to hunt for street art. And Armenian Street is a good spot to begin your hunt as many murals are located along and around this street such as the famous “Kids on bicycle” mural by Ernest Zacharevic.

While we were walking along Armenian Street, we noticed quite a number of people holding up ice balls in all sorts of colours. That got me really excited as I didn’t expect to see something from my childhood here. Ice balls were something I would buy in the 80s. It was like ice kachang without ingredients/toppings and shaped into round balls. And it was always fun to eat them, lol.

Rainbow Ice Ball @ Armenian Street | Penang

If I recalled correctly, there were 2-3 ice ball stands on Armenian Street. We picked this one as it seemed to have the most customers.

Rainbow Ice Ball @ Armenian Street | Penang

Mango + Rose + Grape

You can choose any 3 colours/flavours you like. I went for red (rose), yellow (mango) and purple (grape). Looked so pretty!

Wasn’t really expecting this to taste spectacular. Was just trying to achieve the best colour combination, lol.

Other colours/flavours included sarsi, gula melaka, lychee and kiwi. They also served ice kacang and cendol if you prefer desserts with substance and not just ice, lol.

Rainbow Ice Ball @ Armenian Street | Penang

However to my surprise, this ice ball actually turned out pretty good because the colourings didn’t have any artificial taste at all. As the weather was super hot, this icy cold treat was definitely refreshing.

So if you’re on Armenian Street when in Penang, don’t forget to check out these pretty ice balls too! It’s the perfect thing to have to beat the heat!?

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