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Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall

I first heard of Issho Izakaya two years ago when I dined at their other outlet, Issho Family Restaurant at SAFRA Punggol, which had already ceased operation. Currently, Issho Izakaya has two outlets at Kallang Wave Mall and Great World City respectively.

Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall

Image source: Issho Izakaya Facebook page

An izakaya (also known as ๅฑ…้…’ๅฑ‹ in Chinese) is a casual Japanese pub where people go for after-work drinks and food.ย  Over here at Issho, they try to recreate that same welcoming environment of a true-blue izakaya. It also carries an extensive menu of Japanese alcoholic beverages that include umeshu, shochu, sake, junmai, beers, Japanese-inspired cocktails and more.

For the full menu (food and drinks), please refer to their website http://isshoizakaya.com.sg/kallang/menu/.

I’m not a drinker so I only come here for the food. ๐Ÿ˜€

Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall

Deep-Fried Salmon Collar $5

When I saw Salmon Collar on the menu, I got pretty excited, lol. It’s my favourite part of the salmon so how can I not get it, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Two pieces of salmon collar, beautifully fried till golden.

The inside was so moist, juicy and oily. In fact, the moment I poked my chopstick into the salmon, that fatty rich omega-3 goodness oozed out like mad, lol. What makes the collar such a delicious cut is that it has this jelly-like, gelatinous layer that simply shouts collagen. The fin parts were also crispy and crunchy so I could literally devour it.

Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall

Kaisen Salad $20

Portion was quite small for a $20 salad. Not much sashimi in it but at least it was fresh and sweet tasting. I wished there was more mesclun salad than white cabbage. The sesame dressing was slightly spicy. Overall, a very appetising dish. Not bad.

Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall

Dragon Maki $16.80

The name is probably such because it does resemble a dragon with that big prawn head, lol. I loved the meatiness of the prawns and that they did not skimp on the filling so every piece of the maki was a good bite. Paired really well with that creamy avocado and crunchy fish roe. The prawn was beautifully fried. I polished off the prawn head and tail as they were so crunchy. :mrgreen: This is a must order dish when you come to Issho!

Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall

Cheesy Spider Maki $15 and Aburi Salmon & Cheese Maki $16.80

That cheese sauce. *drools* The Cheesy Spider Maki is actually a soft shell crab and cucumber sushi roll topped with cheddar cheese sauce that was pretty much the same nacho cheese sauce you’d get from a store-bought bottle or the cinema. The cheese sauce was very overpowering so I couldn’t really taste anything else in the maki except for the cheese. If you’re a cheese lover, you sure have to get this.

Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall

For the Aburi Salmon & Cheese Maki, I thought the salmon was a little underdone. If it could be seared more, I’m sure it would have a more fragrant smoky flavour to it. But overall, it was still a good combination of flavours. The tender salmon, creamy cheese and crunchy cucumber worked really well together. Strongly recommend this dish too but do let them know if you want it more seared. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall

Tori Char Siew Don $12.80

Surprisingly, this chicken rice dish turned out better than I expected. The chicken was firmly rolled up so it really gave a nice textural bite. This really reminded me of a Hainanese chicken rice but presented in a Japanese way. Not heavily seasoned but not bland either. I really liked it.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience dining at Issho. We came here without expectations but we left feeling satisfied. Prices were generally on the high side but with the Eatigo app, we managed to slash 50% off the bill as we made our reservation on a weekday during off-peak dining hours.

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Issho Izakaya @ Kallang Wave Mall
Issho Izakaya
1 Stadium Place #01-13/K5
Kallang Wave @ Sports Hub
Singapore 397628
Sun โ€“ Thu: 11:00am to 10:00pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 11:00am to 10:30pm

+65 6702 4708

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