Itacho Sushi (Revisit)

I jumped on the Itacho Sushi bandwagon only less than 2 years ago. Before that, I wouldn’t even consider myself a huge fan of mass-market sushi brands because the quality of food could be (and still are) quite inconsistent at times even though prices were on the rise due to inflation. But so far my previous dining experiences at Itacho Sushi (read my past review here) had been good except for that one time when I encountered bad service that kinda ruined my meal. Oh well.

It’s not surprising to see long queues at all Itacho Sushi outlets during peak meal times and I’m very sure many patrons come back for their sushi deals like the $0.40 Roasted Salmon & Skin Soya Sauce and the $0.60 ones of the same sushi but with butter or cod fish caviar. I must be damn unlucky because I can never get to try them whether I go during odd hours (when it’s not crowded at all) or peak dinner time – the service staff would just come back to me to say I am ‘too late’.

Putting that aside, I must say, there are quite a number of dishes that I enjoy and would always order when I’m there especially the non-conventional ones with a touch of fusion.

Itacho Sushi @ Bedok Mall

The Home Made Roasted Egg Spicy Soya Sauce w/Minced Pork is an excellent combination of tamagoyaki (sweetened Japanese egg roll) and a Chinese-style meat sauce that’s robust in flavour, sweet, salty and very moreish.

The Deep Fried Shrimp Gyoza w/Green Tea Salt is also not to be missed if you like potstickers. The highlight is in the green tea salt which you have to dip each gyoza with. Really lifts the flavour of the gyoza.

Itacho Sushi does good scallop nigiri too. The two types pictured above are the Scallop w/Lobster Salad and Scallop w/Seafood & Cheese. The scallops are always fresh and sweet; they seem to just melt in the mouth.

Itacho Sushi @ Bedok Mall

The Salmon Onion & Cucumber w/Tenkasu Roll w/Salmon Roe is also another recommended dish with a creamy dressing and salmon roe that just pop with juices in the mouth. The sliced onions just add texture and crunch.

Itacho Sushi @ Bedok Mall

What I would never fail to order whenever I come to Itacho Sushi would be the Salmon Spring Roll (love that refreshing dressing) and Salmon Lobster Salad Roll.

The Spicy Salmon Hand Made Mayo Sauce w/Rice, Egg & Scallop is like a doria (rice-based gratin) that’s really creamy and flavoursome. Mixing it up with the runny egg yolk makes it even better.

And lastly, my two other favourites include the Clams with Butter & Black Pepper (order the Cold Green Tea Soba Noodles or plain white rice to go with the buttery broth – really yum) and Top Salmon Belly with Black Pepper.

Looking for affordable Japanese food that’s a little less than ordinary? This might be the place for you.

List of Itacho Sushi outlets

1) #B3-20 ION Orchard
2) #02-35 Plaza Singapura
3) #B1-05 Bugis Junction
4) #03-30/31 Changi Airport T3
5) #02-15 JCube
6) #B1-12 The Star Vista
7) #B2-42/43 Bedok Mall
8) #04-32 Tampines Mall

Opening hours:
11.00am to 10.00pm (Sun-Thu)
11.00am to 11.00pm (Fri-Sat)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Itacho-Sushi-158303486802

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