Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Loop – J&C Bakery – Durian Puffs & Pancakes at Wallet-Friendly Prices!

As mentioned in my earlier post (Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Terrace: Zac Meat & Poultry and Melvados), I had ventured into Blk 15 Woodlands Loop for the first time just to see what was there. This building houses the central kitchens for various caterers and food establishments and it doesn’t have a very walk-around-friendly interior as the area is like a multi-storey carpark and it’s not very well-lit too so unless you know where you’re heading to (shortlist the shops and take note of their unit numbers), it’s not easy to navigate around as compared to Woodlands Terrace that’s basically just one stretch of road.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It was still quite an eye-opening experience for me. To recap, I was here on the weekend just before Hari Raya. The first two levels seemed pretty quiet and uninteresting. Only spotted workers doing loading/unloading of goods so I went up to Level 3 where I saw more people shopping for food stuffs.

Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Loop - J&C Bakery - Durian Puffs & Pancakes at Wallet-Friendly Prices

Kim Lee Pastry House is a wholesale supplier of western and traditional pastries, mooncakes and cakes to hotels, airlines, supermarkets, cafes and caterers in Singapore. Their products are halal-certified so our Muslim friends can also make purchases from here. When I was near, I could get a whiff of freshly baked pastries in the air but nothing caught my fancy so I didn’t buy anything. Maybe next time.

Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Loop - J&C Bakery - Durian Puffs & Pancakes at Wallet-Friendly Prices

Suriayani Trading is actually a manufacturer and supplier of lontong and tempeh but they had this little bazaar stall outside its premise selling Hari Raya’s snacks and goodies.

2014-07-26 11.49.36 (450x800)

I thought the kueh bolu and murukku looked quite tempting!

2014-07-26 11.54.08 (800x470)

New Peng Hiang’s bak kwa are pretty value for money. I had tried its bak kwa before at the food expo couple of months back and thought it was alright. Still prefers Bee Cheng Hiang though 🙂

Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Loop - J&C Bakery - Durian Puffs & Pancakes at Wallet-Friendly Prices

Ah, and this was exactly what I was looking for. J&C Bakery that was featured on Channel 8’s Cheap and Good 《便宜有好货》 some time back. It was bustling with customers!

2014-07-26 11.48.06-1 (800x450)

Many cakes and pastries were sold out because of Hari Raya but I managed to grab some interesting finds.

Durian Puffs $3.50

Durian Puffs $3.50

IMGP2678 (800x600)

These durian puffs didn’t look anything special but they tasted good. At a price of $3.50, this was a steal.

IMGP2683 (800x600)

Every puff was filled with fragrant durian mousse (yes, I could taste the durian in it!) that was smooth and not overly sweet. I liked the pastry too which was airy and soft.

Durian Pancakes $3.00

Durian Pancakes $3.00

IMGP2693 (800x600)

By the time I brought these pancakes home, they had already rubbed shoulders with one side of the box. Luckily, no disaster :p

IMGP2699 (800x600)

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the pancakes that was spongy and moist and the durian mousse (same as the puffs’) seemed to taste a little better in this format. Overall, it was a delicious treat! I would come back for this again for sure. And at only $3 for 4 pieces, I could easily grab a few more boxes! Cheap!

Cream Eclairs $4.50

Cream Eclairs $4.50

IMGP2701 (800x600)

10 mini eclairs in a box that only cost $4.50. Quite a good deal actually. Every morsel took about 2 bites to devour. Pretty addictive treat.

IMGP2706 (800x600)

The eclairs tasted somewhat familiar. I must had eaten them before at events where food was privately catered. I wasn’t too surprised since J&C is a supplier after all.

The pastry was similar to the puff. The cream filling was standard. I liked the chocolate on top which didn’t taste artificial like those of some local bakeries that use poor quality chocolate.

J&C Bakery should really consider opening up retail outlets. I thought their confections were really not bad. Well, not out of this world of course but the quality was much much better than many neighbourhood bakeries or cake shops I’d been to.

Click here for their complete list of products and prices. You can also place your order via phone or email and have it delivered to you in 2 days’ time. Minimum order is $30 and delivery charge starts from $10.70 (with GST). Mode of payment is COD only. They will be having an e-Store soon so we can also order online later which is probably more convenient. Can’t wait!

If you’re planning to go food factory shopping at Woodlands soon, don’t forget to check out J&C Bakery for some delightful treats! Cheap and good indeed!

J & C Bakery
Blk 15 Woodlands Loop #03-03
Tel: 6753 3500
Operating hours:
9.00am to 7.00pm (Mon-Fri)
9.00am to 6.00pm (Sat)
9.00am to 4.00pm (Sun)


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