Kei Kaisendon

Had seen Kei Kaisendon several times as they have quite a number of outlets across Singapore. So when hubby and I were in AMK Hub to run some errands, we decided to go Kei Kaisendon for lunch.

Kei Kaisendon

I actually asked the counter staff if I could swap out the rice for salad instead and was happy to know that they could do rice, salad or a mix of both.

If you’re on a low carb or keto diet, this is one good place to consider.

Kei Kaisendon Menu

The Menu

Kei Kaisendon’s menu is very straightforward. A decent selection of bowls with different ingredients and toppings. If you don’t take raw fish, there are cooked options like saba, salmon and unagi. There are also the typical Japanese starters and sides like edamame, gyoza, tamago mentai, clam miso soup and more.

Hubby and I went for the Kei Signature Kaisendon – rice base for his and salad base for mine. Topped up another $2.90++ each to include onsen egg and green tea.

Complimentary sides

We didn’t know our order came with complimentary miso soup and salad so were quite surprised when they were served up to our table. They used sesame dressing for the salad which would never go wrong. And the miso soup was not overly salty.

This is water and not green tea, right?

I couldn’t help but laughed when my hubby asked one of the service staff if that cup was drinking water and not green tea. I actually told him it was green tea but it was just super diluted and he didn’t believe me, lol. When the staff confirmed that it was green tea, he just gave an expression of disbelief which was hilarious, hahaha. Yep, so the iced green tea we had basically tasted like iced water.

Kei Kaisendon

And here’s my Signature Kaisendon with a salad base. The portion size for Large was pretty decent.

Kei Kaisendon

This was hubby’s with a rice base.

Kei Kaisendon

An abundance of seafood and sashimi

Each bowl came with a good assortment of ingredients like salmon, tuna, white fish, octopus, scallops, imitation abalone, chuka wakame (seasoned seaweed), fish roe, pickled ginger and seaweed sheet. The seafood were fresh with no fishy odour and were in sizeable chunks that gave a nice texture.

Not sure if the sashimi was of premium grade but there was a lack of that natural sweetness that would otherwise make it even better.

Though we requested for Kei sauce for the salad base bowl and Yuzu Wasabi sauce for the rice bowl, we couldn’t taste any difference in flavours for both. In fact, we didn’t even think there was any sauce or dressing in them. And because of that, the kaisendon was a little underwhelming as there was nothing to accentuate the flavours. So we had to mix wasabi with soy sauce and pour that over the ingredients followed by the onsen egg. Mixed everything together and voila.

Kei Kaisendon – worth the price?

All in all, we were satisfied with the kaisendon though it didn’t quite blow us away. For the price, we really expected higher standards. There was plenty of room for improvement – if there were better sauces for the kaisendon and if the iced green tea was made more drinkable, the whole experience would have been much more exceptional.

For now, I think I shall still stick with my all-time favourite brand Teppei Syokudo for kaisendon.

For full list of locations for Kei Kaisendon, please refer to their list of stores here.

Kei Kaisendon @ AMK Hub
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
B1-17 AMK Hub
Singapore 569933
11.00am to 10.00pm daily

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