KFC Double Chocolate Egg Tart

Double Chocolate Egg Tart ($1.30 per piece or $7.50 per box of 6)

Once bitten, twice the pleasure. That was how the tart got its name. Indeed when I first ordered the tart, the melty chocolate lava that was oozing from the top really got me all excited. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the difference between the dark chocolate (inside) and the milk chocolate (on top). In fact, I thought the chocolate on top was the same as the one inside. Funny thing was, I didn’t even think the chocolate worked well with the eggy taste of the filling. Only good thing was the tart was served hot with the crust crispy.Normal Egg Tart ($1.30 per piece or $7.50 per box of 6)

This certainly had beaten its cousin above. I loved its sweet, creamy filling and the slightly burnt caramelized coating on top. The crust was crispy and fluffy (very greasy too so beware!). Truly Portuguese style. Wish it could be bigger in size though.

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