Kim Dae Mun Korean Food @ Concorde Hotel

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food @ Concorde Hotel

Kim Dae Mun used to be a Korean food stall located at the food court of the former Le Meridien Hotel (now known as Concorde Hotel) on Orchard Road. I was initially disappointed when the food court was gone because that just meant I couldn’t get to enjoy great authentic Korean food at wallet-friendly prices in the heart of town anymore. But when I discovered it actually shifted to the second level of Concorde Hotel and also expanded its space to a casual dining eatery now, it became one of my to-go places for lunch whenever I was in the vicinity.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food Menu

Menu isn’t huge but good enough as it’s the quality that counts here. For every set meal purchased that is priced between S$5.50 to S$9.50, you can pick one side dish from their three options of cucumber, anchovies or kimchi.

Place your order with the lady at the counter and make payment (do note they only accept cash payment). She will then call you when your food is ready for collection. And it doesn’t take long for food to be ready. That’s what I call quick service – perfect when you’re rushed for time.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food Potato Pancake

We started off with a Potato Pancake (S$4) that came with a lovely tangy and salty dipping sauce that somewhat further enhanced the flavour of the potato. The pancake might be a little oily but not in a sickly way. The outside crust was beautifully caramelised and was really crispy. It didn’t feel carb-loaded either and in fact I found this quite light and addictive to munch on. A must order!

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food Spicy Pork

This is my all-time favourite – the Spicy Pork (S$8.50) set meal.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food Spicy Pork

A very generous portion of meat on top a bed of chopped lettuce – guaranteed to give you an ample serving of greens for your meal. For a one person’s serving, I really thought the portion of meat was quite huge because by the time I finished the rice, I still had plenty of meat left to enjoy. I’m not complaining, haha. The flavours of the marinate were superbly executed – a great combination of spiciness and savouriness. The meat was lean but tender. It was an absolutely flawless dish for me because it was that moreish.

The side dish of kimchi was very appetising and the cabbage soup was very home-style and not overly salty too.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food Beef Soup

The husband ordered the Beef Soup (S$8) set meal with anchovies as the side. The anchovies were delicious – nicely flavoured. I can dig into rice with just the anchovies, lol.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food Beef Soup

The soup was hot, spicy and oh-so-comforting that it immediately warmed up the stomach because it had that kick. It wasn’t overly oily and there were so much ingredients in the soup too. All were beautifully cooked – the beef slices were tender and the vegetables maintained their crunch. The flavour was so appetising that it sort of made us want to eat more. Another winner for me.

With tasty restaurant-quality (some Korean restaurants don’t even do their food as good as this!) set meals at less than 10 bucks each, this Korean eatery must be one of the most value-for-money restaurants in town. Plus there is no GST or service charge too. If you love Korean food, you really shouldn’t miss Kim Dae Mun out.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food
100 Orchard Road
#02-17/18 Concorde Hotel
Singapore 238840
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KimDaeMun
Opening hours: 11.00am to 8.30pm (Tue-Sun)


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