Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant Part 2 @ Heeren (Former Location)

What?! Kiseki again??? Yes, it’s my second time to Kiseki within a span of one week! Never ever done such a thing before :p but the parents were too captivated by the earlier Kiseki pictures so I just had to bring them here this time which wasn’t a bad thing too as I could try the other items that I didn’t eat the last time! 🙂
Found two new appetisers this time which didn’t look too appetising – a crab meat jelly and octopus with shoyu. Not fantastic actually. The jelly was well…jelly with a tiny bit of crab meat at the bottom. The octopus with shoyu was quite hard and the sauce was really salty BUT my all-time favourites – seasoned baby octopus and scallops – were still oh-so-good!
Next, I doved straight to the sashimi corner for my compulsory dose of fresh salmon & tako. Also tried the seasoned tuna and salmon (in thick cubes form) which weren’t great. The plain salmon & tako were still the best! So fresh, so tender, so sweet! The Sri Lankan blue swimmer crabs were still meaty but not as sweet as last time. Also, couldn’t find any roe in this batch 🙁 The edamame beans were very good though! Couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth.
Robatayaki section was still as good. This time, the cocktail sausages tasted a bit different, probably made from pork instead of chicken but I didn’t quite like the taste. The pork (very fatty though) and chicken skewers were grilled to perfection. Lost interest in the prawns this time though. Still good but just didn’t feel like eating them as I probably overloaded myself with prawns the week before. Was a bit hesitant to take the salmon head again as I wasn’t sure if the parents would enjoy it. To my surprise, the mother tore the fish head into bits and pieces with her hands and left no trace of any flesh. That was how good it was. She simply devoured the whole head!

I loved the teppanyaki this time as they had dou miao (pea shoots) for the veggies. Again, the meat (I selected chicken and pork) were served separately from the vegetables but I combined them together for the photo above. A mouthful of meat with veggies was just heavenly! The meat were so tender and juicy and the vegetables were so crunchy and fresh. It was a rainbow explosion in the mouth, so flavourful, so yummy.

Tempura was normal but I did enjoy the brinjal (egg plant) tempura. The other fried items consisted of prawn spring roll, fish & chips (I didn’t take the chips), seafood donut and rosti with sour cream. I must say the fried items were much better than last week’s even though they were just as greasy. The prawn spring roll was quite good. Even found a little whole crunchy shrimp inside.
Next, we had the Japanese curry, udon nabe (steamboat), omelette and a variety of hot stuffs like garlic fried rice, salmon teriyaki ball, pork belly and black pepper chicken. The curry was thick and delicious. Full of huge chunks of carrots and potatoes. White rice was also available if you had space for that. I enjoyed dipping the teppanyaki meats in the curry as the sauce was so flavourful. The steamboat was just normal. Didn’t really like the soup that was quite salty. Again, I took the omelette just so I could enjoy the bonito flakes. For the hot dishes, none managed to impress me except for the garlic rice. Unfortunately I usually don’t take too much carbs at buffets so only enjoyed two spoonfuls of that. Rice lovers, you shouldn’t miss out on it!

Woohoo! Desserts’ time again! I made the same ice cream waffle as last week i.e. chocolate and cookies & cream ice cream on top with different toppings. Also, indulged in more pancakes this time as they were so much more crispy and fresh, I got quite addicted to them. Their signature tofu cheesecake was quite good too. Slightly soft and mushy but the cheesy taste was just right. Also, who could miss out the chocolate fondue. This time, I dipped my fruits in them as well! So yummy! The chestnuts were a little small this time though but still very sweet to eat on their own.

Still having my thumbs up for Kiseki. This should still be my first choice whenever I need to satisfy a sashimi craving without burning a big hole in the pocket 🙂

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant
 181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central, #08-01/02/03
Tel: 6736 1216
Opens: 11.30am to 3.00pm, 6.00pm to 10.30pm daily


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