Korean Biscuits from Young Yang Confectionery

Korean Biscuits

Vegetable Soup Juice and Cheongyang Red Pepper Biscuits

Popped over to Seoul Mart at HillV2 to collect these biscuits which I got off Qoo10 and I thought I would share a review on them because they were quite unique in terms of flavour and taste. Each 65g pack retailed at S$9.90.

These biscuits from Young Yang Confectionary Co. Ltd first caught my attention when I spotted flavours like Vegetable Soup Juice, Cheongyang Red Pepper, Cabbage Juice, Onion Juice, Lettuce & Wrapped Vegetables Juice and Twelve Grains. Can biscuits get any more healthier than this? Haha.

Right, so I fell into the trap…thinking I was consuming more vegetables (and more vitamins & nutrients) in my diet though I was in fact eating biscuits that were way higher in calories and possibly sugar too. Putting that aside, these biscuits were actually quite tasty but were also pricey for such small sized packs.

Korean Biscuits

I’ve always preferred plain biscuits (to fanciful ones) that I can dip into a cup of hot milo or coffee so these are my type of munchies. The vegetable juice biscuits (on the right) had this strong yet somewhat fragrant ‘vegetable green’ flavour. It was really like having vegetable juice in a crunchy biscuit form. The red pepper ones (on the left) looked deceivingly like standard biscuits but when you popped one piece into your mouth, you’d get this chilli pepper sensation gradually spreading around your tongue and throat within seconds. What a pleasant surprise! Quite shiok to eat actually, haha.

If you’ve come across this brand of biscuits in other Seoul Mart outlets or Korean grocery stores in Singapore, please give me a shout! ๐Ÿ™‚

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