KPO Cafe Bar @ Killiney Road


Before this bar’s existence in 2010, ‘KPO’ to most people probably referred to the Killiney Post Office that is located next to this bar today within the same building. KPO Cafe Bar is however not named after the post office. It’s located on the junction of Killiney, Penang and Orchard Road, hence the name.

A popular hangout place for the office crowd at dusk, the bar is very strategically located in the heart of town (next to Orchard Central). It not only serves up affordable drinks and the usual pub grub but some Singaporean favourites as well as Western classics.


Thinly sliced luncheon meat chips that were deep fried to crisp. What’s not to like? The moment this was placed on our table, a whiff of this household classic was almost impossible to resist. Perfect grub to go with the ice cold beer. Salty, oily and tasted meaty. Totally addictive!


Home made potato chips were the best compared to packet ones. These were served fresh, hot and crispy with the right amount of seasoning but this wasn’t all.


I loved the wide array of dipping sauces that came with the chips – tomato salsa, chilli sauce, nacho cheese, mustard, mayo and ketchup – so we could experience different flavours within one dish. This would be ideal for sharing in a group especially if everyone has a different preference for dipping sauce – spicy, non-spicy, etc. Kudos!


Crispy fried chicken wings that were slightly over cooked and tasted a little bland. I still prefer the ones from Ice Cold Beer and Muddy Murphy’s.


Sir Roti John that looked pretty much like our standard hawker fare but this was apparently made with ground wagyu beef. There wasn’t a lot of meat in the egg mixture so I really couldn’t tell the difference in meat quality but it still tasted good nonetheless. “Better than pasar malam’s standard”, said the husband. I would have enjoyed it more if the baguette was toasted longer.


Half spring chicken served over a bed of creamy mashed potato. At first glance, this looked way over cooked. Though the exterior was crispy, the chicken meat was a little dry. I liked the texture of the mashed potato and the savoury gravy though.

While KPO Cafe Bar is an ideal place to chill out after work over beers and chips, the food are probably not on par with their price tags. Will I return again? Probably not.

KPO Cafe Bar
1 Killiney Road
Killiney Post Office
Tel: 6733 3648
Facebook page
Opening hours:
4.00pm to 1.00am (Mon-Thu), 4.00pm to 2.00am (Fri-Sat)
Closed on Sundays

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