Krispy Kreme @ Tangs Orchard

When I studied in the States, Krispy Kreme was something that my mates and I would always buy to enjoy on the go. It was affordable and there was always this ‘Buy a Dozen, Free a Dozen’ promotion going on so the group of us could easily devour 24 doughnuts at once.

When we came back to Singapore, we were starved of Krispy Kreme for years because none of the doughnuts sold here were comparable to theirs so when KK was finally here in Singapore, I was filled with much anticipation and expectations.

The first KK outlet opened at Tangs Orchard in October last year but I’m only blogging about it now because every time I queued up in the evening to want to buy a box of assorted doughnuts, only original glazed were left. So when I was running some errands in Orchard on Saturday morning, I walked past the Krispy Kreme outlet and there wasn’t any queue! How could I not jump at the chance to buy a couple of donuts to go?

Krispy Kreme Singapore

No queue? Too early on a Saturday morning? Or the craze is just dying?

Sometimes I do wonder if these doughnuts will come and go like bubble tea previously. Arriving on our shores with a lot of hype. The first outlet becomes really successful then more branches start sprouting up all over the island. When the consumer market gets saturated, the brand makes a sudden exit. I sure hope not.

But these days, the queues at Krispy Kreme aren’t as exaggerated as when it first opened in October. So what’s the big deal about a KK donut? Is it really that tasty? Is each donut really worth the price of a meal? Or is it just a novelty?

Krispy Kreme Singapore

Glazed Chocolate Cake $2.95

The Glazed Chocolate Cake is my all-time favourite. Just like its name, it is simply a soft and moist chocolate cake shaped in a donut and dunked in a super sweet sugar glaze. I must admit age (and hence a change of taste buds) has caught up with me and I no longer enjoy ‘sweet’ stuffs as much as I did when I was younger so this was really too sweet for me. Every bite was just a sugar rush and I couldn’t taste the slightest flavour of chocolate at all. But I still love how fluffy the cake is. Biting into the donut is effortless because it just crumbles and melts in your mouth. If the glaze can be made a little less sweet, I could easily have a few more of this.

Krispy Kreme Singapore

New York Cheesecake $2.95

The husband ordered the New York Cheesecake that comes with a cheesecake filling and topped with a rich cream cheese icing and bits of graham crackers. I like the texture of the graham crackers but again, this was just too sweet for me.

Krispy Kreme Singapore

Original Glazed $2.60

Krispy Kreme Singapore

Krispy Kreme Singapore

I really don’t remember KK’s glaze to be that saccharine sweet when I had it in the States but this was unbelievable sweet for me. So sweet that I got sick of it barely after 2-3 bites. The only consolation is the texture of the donut that just melts in the mouth. If you press down on the donut, it doesn’t spring back and becomes flattened immediately. That’s how moist and soft the inside is.

And my verdict? I love the texture a lot but I wish KK could come up with a Original version without glaze so I can enjoy the donut on its own without the need to gulp down water to wash away that cloyingly sweet taste. Also, the price of each donut is simply too steep. I’ll stick back with Dunkin Donuts for now and my very own home-baked ones.


Original Glazed          Assorted
$2.60 per piece         $2.95 per piece
$23.40 per dozen      $26.50 per dozen

Krispy Kreme Orchard
Tangs Orchard Basement 1
310 Orchard Road
Opens: 8.00am to 10.00pm daily, 8.00am to 11.00pm on Friday


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