Kuishinbo – Authentic Jap Buffet Restaurant

Japanese buffets are getting more and more popular these days in Singapore. And I must say Jap food is indeed one of my favourites too esp. salmon sashimi. My hubby decided to give me a treat and we reserved a table at Kuishinbo @ Great World City. Reservations are very much recommended as the restaurant can be very packed at meal times. In order to prep ourselves for a big dinner, we had to eat little for lunch and to keep space for later.
A wonderful selection of cold seafood, sashimi, sushi and an assortment of appetizers did set the stage for dinner. The prawns were fresh and sweet and the flesh did not stick to the shells like some prawns do. It was quite a luxury to feast on the snow crab legs. You will have to use scissors to cut it open, remove the flesh and eat in one whole slab. Unfortunately, the crab legs tasted a bit bland though, probably because they were frozen and thawed (hence could taste water) prior to serving which was a big pity. The sashimi was not bad. They had salmon, tuna and yellowtail. I preferred the salmon to the rest. If the cuts could be thicker, will be probably better.
There was a BBQ counter outside the restaurant in the open porch area where one chef was busy barbecuing food. We had prawns on sticks, squids, yakitori, lamb chops, lobster with cheese and even assorted teppanyaki meats. The lamb chops were so flavourful and tender and definitely one of the best I’ve ever eaten. The slightly charred surface gave the meat an authentic charcoal fire taste. The lobster was poorly done because bad quality cheese (probably the cheap ones) was used. The cheese smell was so overpowering that I didn’t get to taste the lobster meat. Next time, I shall have the chef prepare plain ones for me. The yakitori was good. Meat was well marinated and was juicy. The prawns were a tad too dry and the squids were just normal, so were the teppanyaki meats.
There were other kinds of food available too like hand rolls, clam chowder soup, dumpling soup, nabe (paper steamboat), chawanmushi (one of the best I’ve eaten), fried items (karaage chicken, tempura prawns, fried breaded prawns, dumplings, etc) which were just ok – really nothing great to brag about.
The desserts were disappointing though. There was a huge selection of cakes, mochi, cookies and chocolates, chocolate fondue and even ice cream (ponzu and matcha). Except for the matcha ice cream, the rest were way below expectations. I had thought chocolate fondue will not go wrong but the chocolate was of poor quality so it wasn’t tasty at all.
Overall, the experience was good. Service staff were helpful but quality of food will have to be improved for such prices, otherwise, other new Jap buffets might just overtake Kuishinbo in no time.
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6836 5877
Opens: 11.30am to 3.00pm, 5.30pm to 10.00pm daily


  • Anonymous says:

    I thought this place would be better, especially seafood. You got some great pics here though. Really gives us a taste of what this place is like.

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