Little Wimbly Lu @ myVillage, Serangoon Gardens

The husband was missing his favourite gigantic Muar sugarcane juice from Chomp Chomp so we stopped by for an early dinner to satisfy his craving with a feast of our all-time favourite BBQ wings and satay. After dinner, we were walking around Serangoon Gardens looking for desserts and came across Little Wimbly Lu that had opened here not too long ago. And yes, if you find the name familiar because this is indeed the junior branch of Wimbly Lu at Jalan Riang.

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Wimbly Lu already sounds whimsical but Little Wimbly Lu is just adorable, lol. The name is always etched in my mind!

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It’s really quite a small space but thank goodness people seemed to just eat and go so we could get seats.

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Unlike Wimbly Lu, there is no all-day dining or breakfast menu here. Little Wimbly Lu is more of a scaled-down version with smaller portion sizes and is very much just a mini dessert parlour cum cafe. The only hot food they have on their menu are toasties (cheese, tuna or seafood).

Assorted tarts and cakes

Assorted tarts and cakes

Ice creams!

Ice creams!

Their menu is just a straightforward 2-page one:

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Once you’ve placed order and made payment at the counter, you’d be given this mouse-like device that will light up when your order is ready to be collected.

Waffle ($4) with 1 scoop of Salted Caramel ice cream ($3.50)

Waffle ($4) with 1 scoop of Salted Caramel ice cream ($3.50)

First pick an ice cream flavour and pick a sauce from 3 choices (chocolate, toffee or maple) and then decide if you’d like a waffle, crepe, pancake, cake or tart to go with it. Being waffle lovers, we naturally went for that.

The waffle was crispy on the outside but its overall texture wasn’t as firm & substantial as we would like it to be as the inside was too airy so there wasn’t any depth with each bite. The salted caramel ice cream was pretty salty which was a plus point since most of the time I couldn’t really taste salt in other salted caramel ice creams but unfortunately it was also too sweet and cloying for my liking so the two extremes weren’t quite balanced out in this.

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Their signature root beer float cake ($6.40) didn’t disappoint in taste though its presentation could be improved further. The same I had at Wimbly Lu @ Jalan Riang came elegantly in a cocktail glass but this was just plonked unappealingly into some disposable container. I loved how moist and chocolate-rich the cake was and that the sauce had a subtle hint of root beer flavour too. I enjoyed the scoop of vanilla ice cream too that was rich, creamy and not overly sweet. I was very sure it was made from real vanilla pods because it didn’t taste artificially of essence plus there were presence of black specks in the ice cream too. Root beer and fresh vanilla bean ice cream always make the best pairing. Thumbs up for this.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with the waffles as Wimbly Lu is supposedly popular for its waffles which many say is one of the best in Singapore. I thought it was a decent waffle but it just wasn’t fantastic unlike Creamier’s (read my review on Creamier here) that always blew us away every time and made us hanker for more. But I like the atmosphere of the place and the prices are pretty affordable too (because of reduced portions) so I wouldn’t mind to come back for its other desserts. Next time, it’d be the Molten Lava Cake and Eton Mess 🙂

Little Wimbly Lu @ myVillage
1 Maju Avenue, #01-09/10
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/littlewimblylu
Opening hours:
11.00am to 11.00pm (Mon-Thu)
11.00am to 1.00am (Fri-Sat)
11.00am to 11.00pm (Sun)

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