Llaollao Natural Frozen Yogurt – A Delicious & Healthy Dessert!

Update: Price for Sanum has gone up to S$6.90 but it includes one additional crunch topping.

Say “YAO YAO”! And that’s how you pronounce this Spanish brand of yogurt, lol. Though the husband and I still like calling it ‘lao lao’ for fun just like an endearing nickname 🙂

Anyway, yes, I’m sure Llaollao doesn’t need further introduction now. I’ve been seeing too many pictures of it on Instagram! It’s like the latest fad in the gelato world in Singapore now. As more and more people are watching what they are eating and prefer healthier choices of food, it’s no doubt that Llaollao is able to breakthrough this market with its natural frozen yogurt and a whole lot of delightful toppings we can choose from including fresh seasonal fruits. Mummies probably wouldn’t stop kids from consuming too much ice cream now! Because it’s the best way to eat fruits!

llaollao marina link

The husband and I had our first Llaollao when we came across the long snaking queue at its outlet at Marina Link last month. Joining the queue was a rare decision we both made unanimously and was probably one of our best decisions made too, lol.

llaollao menu

I suggested to the husband to order one Sanum to share since we already had a filling lunch beforehand (everyone else was ordering it and it looked so good!) and I left it to him to decide on the toppings.

llaollao sanum

For the Sanum ($6.50), we could choose 3 types of fruits, 1 type of crunch and 1 type of sauce. There was only one standard flavour of yogurt i.e. natural and we got mango, kiwi, strawberry, almond crocanti and wild berries sauce to go with it. Right at the bottom of the cup would be a layer of yogurt, followed by the crunch, fruits, more crunch, sauce, more yogurt and more sauce. I applauded the husband for getting such an awesome combination as everything just complemented one another. The almond crocanti was nutty and crunchy. The sauce was tangy sweet. The strawberry and kiwi were sour but the mango was divinely sweet. And as natural yogurt already had a sour tang, this whole thing was a satisfying and refreshing fruity treat. It was like a soft serve ice cream with lots of content except that this was a yogurt made from skimmed milk and probably only contained half of the calories of a normal ice cream.

llaollao plaza singapura

Last week, their new outlet at Plaza Singapura opened so the husband and I stopped by for our weekend dose of Llaollao.

llaollao sanum 2

This time we didn’t share. We had one each so no fighting! Lol.

llaollao sanum 3

I had melon, blueberries, mango, almond crocanti and black chocolate sauce for my Sanum. The husband had kiwi, mango, strawberry, caramelised sunflower seeds and raffaello sauce (white chocolate with coconut). Both were good but not as great as the first time we had it. I realised a fruity sauce would be best to go with yogurt. Though I love my chocolate, it just didn’t quite work with the tang of yogurt.

llaollao fans

Two satisfied patrons with their yogurts, lol. We can’t wait to create our next concoctions this weekend! Till we get sick of it!

Need a cooling, yummy yet (slightly) guilt-free dessert to get over a hot and hazy day? Go Llaollao now!

Currently they have outlets in 4 locations:

1) Marina Link #B1-04 (Marina Square)
2) Plaza Singapura #01-22A, 68 Orchard Road
3) Singapore Polytechnic Food Court 3, 500 Dover Road
4) 313 Somerset #B3-55, 313 Orchard Road

and new stores will be coming up at West Mall, Wisma Atria, NTU and NUH soon!

Please have one in Ang Mo Kio Hub too! 🙂

Llaollao Singapore
Website: http://www.llaollaoweb.com/sg
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/llaollaoSingapore

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