The Loft Cafe @ South Bridge Road (Chinatown)

Godma and I headed to Temple Street to shop for crockery and cookware at our favourite Sia Huat which took us quite a long time. That’s why I need a like-minded soul to go kitchenware shopping with me as the husband never understands why we women need so much time in a shop like this, lol.

When we were both done and happy with our loot, we decided that we needed a brief respite from all that intense retail exercise hence we went off to find an ideal spot for a little tea time catch up.

the loft cafe 1

Nanyang Old Coffee at South Bridge Road came to mind so we made our way there only to find next to it, a door leading to The Loft Cafe upstairs.

the loft cafe 2

While I stood there looking at the menu and struggled with a decision on where to rest our feet, Godma said we should just go for The Loft to try out something new and I was glad we did as it wasn’t an everyday thing to spot a hipster cafe in Chinatown.

the loft cafe 3

The cafe wasn’t packed when we were there so we got a table by the window where we could just look at traffic and people go by.

the loft cafe 4

Quite an extensive menu for a small-sized cafe. I spotted the usual brunch fare of eggs benedict and the like, pancakes & waffles, soups & salads as well as pasta, baked rice and pizzas. Click here for the full menu on their website.

the loft cafe 5

You can place your order directly with any service staff or…

the loft cafe 6

if you have the BigSpoon mobile app, you can just do it from there like what I did.

the loft cafe 7

And it will just tell you what your total bill amount is so when you’re done, just need to click on the Bill button below and someone will come round to collect payment. The GST amount on the app wasn’t calculated correctly as there was a discrepancy of 16 cents from the actual bill. Not a big deal since they had that disclaimer at the bottom too.

the loft cafe 8

Godma had a Iced Black Coffee ($5.80) which was a strong, aromatic brew with sugar syrup served separately so we could adjust the level of sweetness to our preference. Pretty satisfying kopi-o.

I ordered the Iced Earl Grey Tea with Aloe Vera ($5.80) where we could see these aloe vera cubes at the bottom. It’d be good if a long spoon could be provided with the drink so we could scoop those cubes up. Overall, it wasn’t too sweet though I couldn’t quite taste the Earl Grey. It was more like English Breakfast. Nonetheless, it was cold and refreshing – perfect for the hot afternoon.

the loft cafe 9

As we already had a heavy lunch beforehand, we decided to skip the savouries and go for their Shibuya Toast with Mixed Summer Berries ($11.40). While the drinks were quick to be served, this toast took a long time but we were happy when we saw the final product served to us. Very pretty presentation.

the loft cafe 10

This comprised of a thick toast with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, berry coulis and mixed berries. The coulis was really sour and though it balanced up the sweetness of the ice cream, that sharpness was still very distinct. The ice cream was ordinary like those out of a store-bought tub. The bread was a little tough to cut into but I loved how buttery the exterior was. The thing about using a thick toast was that the inside would be quite bland if there wasn’t enough butter to melt and soak through the surface to reach the innermost layers so it was the case here. While this was a good change from the usual pancakes or waffles, it didn’t quite impress me much. I might return next time to try its savoury food.

The Loft charges 10% service fee and 7% GST.

The Loft Cafe
268A South Bridge Road
(off Smith Street)
Singapore 058817
Tel: 6221 2103
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheLoftCafeSG
Website: http://www.theloft.com.sg/
Opening hours:
11.00am to 9.00pm (Mon)
9.00am to 10.00pm (Tue-Thu)
9.00am to 11.00pm (Fri-Sat)
9.00am to 9.00pm (Sun)

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