[Closed] Korean Mini Buns from Mama Huluruk Bakery

Update: This bakery has ceased operations.

Whenever we come by Northshore Plaza in Punggol, we would always see something new to try. Decided to have lunch at Mama Huluruk, which opened not too long ago. I will share more about our lunch experience in a separate blog post as I want to introduce the Korean mini buns we got from Mama Huluruk Bakery first.

Mama Huluruk Bakery - Korean Mini Buns

Mama Huluruk Bakery occupies the space just in front of the eatery itself. You can buy the Korean mini buns to go or have them in the eatery if you want to dine in.

Mama Huluruk Bakery menu

They have 9 types of buns and 2 types of croissants to choose from. If these Korean mini buns are supposed to be ‘Volcano’ buns, I guess they should have ‘lava-style’ flowy fillings in them?

Mama Huluruk Bakery - Korean Mini Buns

Each bun is priced at $1.80 but there’s a bundle deal of $8 for 5. So we got 5 different flavours – Garlic Cream Cheese, Chicken Bulgogi with Cheese, Injeolmi, Taro and Matcha.

Garlic Cream Cheese

Of all the 5 flavours we tried, this was our most preferred. Rich and creamy. Cheesy too.

Chicken Bulgogi with Cheese

Not bad too. Filling was rather meaty. If it was a bit more moist or saucy, it would have been perfect.


When I took a bite of the bun, the first question that came to mind was, “Where’s the injeolmi (a.k.a. Korean rice cake)?”

It was just some bland tasting cream inside, nothing else. Whoever made the bun must have forgotten the rice cake, lol. So disappointing as I was very excited to try this!


My second favourite. The cream filling was light and not too sweet. Could taste a nice yam flavour too.


Very weak in flavour. Couldn’t even taste the matcha.

Final Thoughts

The buns looked good but they obviously didn’t taste as good as they looked. Maybe because the batch I got didn’t come out fresh from the oven and had been left around for too long.

The bread was quite airy and soft, not dense at all. If the ratio of filling to bread could be improved further, the buns would definitely be more ‘moist’ and palatable.

Hubby commented that the cream filling tasted like butter cream. And it was definitely not in ‘lava’ state so not sure why they would be called Volcano buns, lol.

Price wise, the buns weren’t very expensive but do note they were smaller in size compared to regular buns from BreadTalk or Four Leaves.

Thank goodness, the meal we had at Mama Huluruk did not disappoint. Their buns might be lacklustre but they did score at whipping up delicious Korean Chinese dishes which I would talk about more in my next post.

If you want to give these Korean mini buns a try, go for the Garlic Cream Cheese and Taro.

Mama Huluruk
418 Northshore Drive
#02-02 Northshore Plaza II
Singapore 820418
11.30am to 9.00pm Mon-Thu
11.30am to 9.30pm Fri
10.30am to 9.30pm Sat-Sun & PH

(65) 8752 0989

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