[Closed] Mama Huluruk | Korean Chinese Restaurant in Punggol

Update: This restaurant has ceased operations.

In my previous post, I had shared about the Korean mini buns I bought from the bakery at Mama Huluruk. They fell short of my expectations, unfortunately. But I was still glad to have lunch at Mama Huluruk as I liked the food. And I wouldn’t mind coming back again whenever I have cravings for Korean Chinese food.

Mama Huluruk | Korean Chinese Restaurant

Mama Huluruk is a relatively new casual eatery at Northshore Plaza in Punggol. It serves up Korean Chinese dishes such as Jjajang Myeon and Fried Rice.

Mama Huluruk menu


The menu is not extensive. But I guess it’s good enough so long that few dishes are done right.

Just place your order at the counter when ready and make payment first. Food will be served to your table.

Mama Huluruk | Korean Chinese Restaurant

We ordered 2 mains plus 1 teokpokki to share.

Korean Corn Tea $2 | Korean Barley Tea $2

Both iced teas came in unsweetened versions which we liked. The corn tea was light and mildly sweet while the barley one was toasty and nutty with a slight bitter tone. Very big glasses for just $2 each.

Mama Huluruk | Korean Chinese Restaurant

Chicken Teppan Teokpokki $10.80

Compared to those regular teokpokki that comes with an overpowering gochujang (Korean chilli paste) sauce, I actually like this version better because it’s more savoury and flavoursome. We requested for it to be less spicy and the amount of spice (more of an aftertaste) was just nice.

There was a raw egg in the middle so we just mixed everything up. Great combination as the egg lent extra flavour, moisture and smoothness to the dish.

The chicken chunks were of leg/thigh cuts. Juicy and not dry at all. Rice cakes were perfectly cooked so they still had this QQ springiness in them. And there was lots of crunch from the cabbage too.

This is a must order dish!??

Jjajang Myeon $9.80

The sauce was thick and sticky with lots of pork meat cubes in it. Tasted really rich and flavoursome but it wasn’t too salty. The noodles were done right too – very springy in texture.

Original Volcano Fried Rice with Cheese $9.80

You can choose between kimchi or bulgogi flavoured fried rice. We picked the latter.

I loved the texture of the short grain rice. Not soggy and not hard either. The fried rice was on the bland side but when combined with the cheesy egg, the flavour was very balanced without one overwhelming the other.

If there was more cheese added, this could probably get a more ‘lava’ consistency with a cheese pull. But it ended up more like a cheesy omelette. Nonetheless, I still whacked the whole plate up, lol.

Egg, cheese and fried rice – simple comfort food.

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed our lunch here as the three dishes we got were really our cup of tea. Taste wise, I wouldn’t say they were spectacular but they were homely and delicious. I do foresee myself coming back every now and then for the same food especially the teokpokki which is my favourite.

Mama Huluruk is pretty much a quick service kind of eatery so can’t compare it with a regular Korean restaurant. To me, it’s like a Korean food stall in a food court but with its own space and seating area. Don’t come here expecting top-notch service or free banchan as it’s not the same.

Prices are very reasonable too. For the quality, I would say the food is value for money.

If you happen to come to this part of Singapore, do give Mama Huluruk a try if you like such Korean food! =)

Mama Huluruk
418 Northshore Drive
#02-02 Northshore Plaza II
Singapore 820418
11.30am to 9.00pm Mon-Thu
11.30am to 9.30pm Fri
10.30am to 9.30pm Sat-Sun & PH

(65) 8752 0989

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