It’s a Cook Book Buffet at the Marshall Cavendish Big Box Sale!

[Updated 31/5: This book sale had ended one day earlier as they had ran out of stock due to overwhelming response.]

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And a very satisfying one indeed, haha. I got wind of the book sale after a fellow blogger put up a picture of her bountiful loot on Instagram and I was attracted by the vast selection of cook books she got so I made a trip down to the venue this morning to have a look.

Marshall Cavendish big box sale

Image source: Marshall Cavendish Facebook page

For info, there is an error on their advert above. Bus 88 doesn’t get there. Only buses 45, 55 and 261 stop right outside the building.

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Besides a large array of cook books, there were also fiction books and non-fiction ones on travel, history, politics, finance/investment, business, parenting, pregnancy, culture, biography, humour, health & fitness as well as a small selection of children’s books.

Basically, we just bought a carton box for S$20 on which the staff would write our name on and then we could fill up the box with as many books as we could carry but we would have to carry the box by hand and no trolleys whatsoever were allowed in the venue. But of course you can still bring along your trolley and leave it outside the entrance so you can still use it to carry the box home later which will be very helpful as the books can be really heavy. For the husband and I, we merely brought along our backpacks and extra Ikea shopping bags to distribute the weight of the books. It’s a good thing we have been regularly training at the gym, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have managed to lug that many books home. Lol.

2015-05-30 12.24.30

This was what we got from our first trip. The box had already ripped apart by the time we brought it home. A total of 94 books weighing just under 50kg.

2015-05-30 13.58.14

We went back for a second time as we saw people still unloading pallets and pallets of new books at the venue and we left with a record-breaking 107 books. Some people were just impressed when the husband walked out with the carton box filled to the brim and beyond, lol. One even commented that it was a good strategy to bring along a strong man, lol. So yes, please rally your strongest friends and family members to come along, lol.

Learning from our first round experience, we brought along sticky tape to secure the carton box before filling up with books. The moment we started doing that, people just came round to ‘borrow’ my tape to do the same or to mend their boxes because many ended up being torn due to overflowing books. Lol. Tape is like gold dust! So be prepared to share if you do bring a roll along πŸ™‚

There were also mini cook books on sale at S$2 for 5 copies. I bought 20 of them for just 8 bucks.

2015-05-30 14.00.59

2015-05-30 14.01.55

And here’s my beloved trove of books enough to start a little library at home, haha.

2015-05-30 17.47.45 2015-05-30 17.47.56 2015-05-30 17.48.08 2015-05-30 17.48.22 2015-05-30 18.49.34 2015-05-30 18.49.49 2015-05-30 18.50.06 2015-05-30 18.50.20 2015-05-30 18.50.36

A total of 201 books for S$40 and 20 mini cook books for S$8. That works out to be about 21.7 cents per book. How cheap is that? Geez.

This morning I reached there at about 11.30am and they were doing restocking of books so that’s probably a good time to be there. I know this book sale is too good to miss and that’s why there were many people too. The kiasu ones were just dashing and pushing but there really wasn’t a need to do that because there were plenty of copies per book title to go around so folks, if you’re going down, please, safety comes first.Β And be considerate to one another πŸ™‚


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