McDonald’s Double Beef Rendang Burger

The husband wanted to go Queensway Shopping Centre to hunt for his Nike Dunk Low Sneakers but to no avail so we ended up in McDonald’s for tea and shared their newest Rendang Burger set.

2013-07-27 15.06.32 2013-07-27 15.07.35Double Beef Rendang Burger with Medium Fries & Small Coke

When I opened the paper packaging of the burger, I was quite disappointed that there wasn’t much rendang sauce present and the patties looked pathetically dry. Certainly not appetising at all. Probably because their Samurai burger from last year had set a high benchmark for being warm (if not hot), juicy, flavourful, moist and fresh, this Rendang rendition was a complete downfall.

I was in fact a little speechless after taking a bite of the burger that further confirmed my disappointment. What was indeed dismaying was the rendang sauce that was lacking in ooomph because I couldn’t taste any aromatics in it. Probably dunking the burger in the curry dip meant for nuggets might salvage the recipe.

For the price paid (S$8++), this definitely wasn’t a meal worth coming back for.

McDonald’s, please bring back the Samurai please!


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