McDonald’s Ebi Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

I was at Bishan Park more than a week ago for a dog adoption drive and decided to stop by McDonald’s to try their latest Ebi Burger and Sweet Potato Fries. Was really excited because this was my first ‘seafood’ meal since my thyroid surgery last month and didn’t expect it would be fast food which well, wasn’t really a bad choice because I love sweet potato fries anyway. Plus the location of this McDonald’s outlet was a bonus because I could enjoy the serene surroundings and greenery while eating. What’s better than that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

McDonald's Ebi Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

Single patty meal (S$7.45)

I loved how soft, pillowy and lightly aromatic the white sesame and chive bun was – it was so much better than their usual burger bun in terms of texture and taste.ย Inspired by our local tze char favourite, Cereal Prawns, the shrimp patty of the ebi burger was coated with cereals before deep-frying but to me, it tasted no different from regular panko breadcrumbs because there weren’t a lot of cereals on the outside to begin with. What I really enjoyed was how juicy and crunchy the patty was and the bite from whole prawns in the patty was just amazing. The rich and flavoursome sauce had a unique seafood flavour and went really well with the burger. The sweet potato fries were surprisingly good too. Hot and crispy (I was just lucky to get a freshly fried batch) with the natural sweetness of good old sweet potato. Overall, a very satisfying meal indeed ๐Ÿ™‚ Recommended!


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