McDonald’s McAloo Tikki, Curry Drumlets & Butterscotch Sundae

Saturday nights (or rather Sundays’ wee hours in the morning) are normally spent by doing grocery shopping at the 24-hour NTUC FairPrice near us and at the same time, this greedy duo will have a late night supper too. Yesterday, we decided on McDonald’s as the husband wanted to try their latest new burger.

McDonald’s recently launched the Everyday Savers Menu with three new items. Their promotional campaign has been quite an entertaining one with 2 catchy TV commercials and cute jingles. Watch them here:

McAloo TikkiMcAloo Tikki S$2, 2-pc Curry Drumlets S$2, Butterscotch Sundae S$1.50

The McAloo Tikki (what a cute name) consists of a deep-fried potato and peas patty with spices coated with breadcrumbs, served with sweet tomato mayo, fresh onions & tomatoes in a regular bun. It tasted just like a potato croquette. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I didn’t love it because it made the burger taste lifeless with no texture as every bite was soft and mushy but I didn’t hate it either because the potato patty was still quite nice and crunchy on its own. For $2, it is a decent snack. And best of all, it’d be a good vegetarian option for those who don’t eat meat.

The Curry Drumlets were worth raving about. They were well marinated with curry powder before frying to perfection. Hot, crispy and juicy, they were simply addictive. I could have ordered the 10 drumlets ($9.50) and devour all easily but as it was so late in the night, I had to resist! This is something I’d come back for VERY SOON.

The Butterscotch Sundae was just their usual vanilla soft serve topped with butterscotch syrup which resembled salted caramel as it tasted salty and overly sweet at the same time. I’m never a big fan of caramel plus it was too sweet and sticky for my liking so I only had a mouthful of it and the husband devoured the rest. While he did enjoy this new sundae, we both thought the original flavours of hot fudge and strawberry were still the best.

Overall, I’d still applaud these McDonald’s innovative creations for injecting some fun into the fast food nation and I look forward to seeing more of their surprises in the time to come. Keep up the good work, MCD!

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