Ming Fa Fishball at Ang Mo Kio serves up delicious bak chor mee 24/7

Earlier I had shared about my experience with honestbee food delivery service which was launched a couple of months back. I also mentioned that one of my favourite eateries to order food from was Ming Fa Fishball at Ang Mo Kio. And it is still so because I can’t seem to find a decent bak chor mee in my neighbourhood that doesn’t leave me with dry mouth and extreme thirst. ?

So thanks to honestbee, I can now enjoy good minced meat noodles every week without having to travel. So convenient!

Having said that, it doesn’t mean only the minced meat noodles from Ming Fa Fishball is good. I’ve tried many different items on the menu and so far I’ve not really been disappointed though I do prefer some over others.

Ming Fa Fishball

Chicken Cutlet Minced Meat Noodles (Dry) $5

Same base as the standard Minced Meat Noodles but with extra chicken cutlet on top. I like that we can choose the noodle (either mee pok, mee kia, bee hoon, yellow noodles and kway teow) and indicate our preference if we want chilli and/or vinegar.

Because it’s home delivery, the chicken cutlet doesn’t retain its crisp or crunch (if there’s any to start with) so it’s nothing spectacular.

Ming Fa Fishball

Signature Noodles (Dry) $5

Same goes for the Signature Noodles that has the same base as the Minced Meat Noodles too but it comes with extra toppings like fried wanton, fried beancurd skin and egg. The wanton skin is extremely crispy and crunchy though. Very shiok to eat. I love the beancurd skin too as it has some meat or prawn filling in it – very flavoursome. And who doesn’t like egg? ?

If you prefer normal bak chor mee without additional frills, then go for the Minced Meat Noodles (Dry) $4 which is already very satisfying. ?? Balanced flavour of vinegar and chilli. Lots of minced pork and sliced pork. Springy noodles with a bite. Yum.

Ming Fa Fishball

Minced Meat Noodles (Soup) $4

Soup version of minced meat noodles is pretty good too. The soup isn’t laden with too much MSG – thank goodness. I think it goes pretty well with thick yellow noodles. Really brings back fond memories of my primary school days as I would always eat similar noodle soup at the school canteen during recess time. By the way, these yellow noodles don’t really have that alkaline taste which is good.

Ming Fa Fishball

Curry Chicken Noodles $5.50

Another of my favourite dish is their Curry Chicken. You can have it with a noodle of your choice or with rice ($6). My only gripe about this dish is that it’s super oily but as the layer of thick oil floats on the surface, it’s quite easy to scoop it away with a spoon. The noodles (or rice) is packed separately so they don’t get soggy. The curry gravy is very fragrant and robust-tasting although it’s a little on the salty side. But overall it still makes a very satisfying Chinese-style chicken curry.

I’ve had their Fried Fish Rice ($5.50) and Fried Fish Soup Noodle ($5.50) too. Soup broth is tasty and has a nice fragrance of seaweed. Not sure if there’s any MSG in it but I never feel thirsty even though I finish the whole bowl of soup.

There was a period when I ordered food from Ming Fa Fishball several times over two weeks that I actually got a bag of free fried wantons from them. One of my minced meat noodles was even ‘upgraded’ to a signature one. Not sure if the order was mixed up with someone else’s as the rest of my order was accurate. But fried wantons wasn’t on their menu on the honestbee app so I presume it was given complimentary. Maybe they had extras to get rid, lol. ?

Ming Fa Fishball has 12 outlets in Singapore. They are located at Our Tampines Hub, Upper Thomson Road, Simpang Bedok, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Chinatown, People’s Park, Golden Shoe, Raffles City, Holland Village, Chai Chee, Tekka Centre and Upper Boon Keng Road. Please refer to https://www.mingfafishball.com/outlets for more details.

Ming Fa Fishball
Ming Fa Fishball
Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Singapore 560529
24 hours daily

+65 6383 9338

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