Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak @ Changi Village Market & Food Centre

The husband and I were at Singapore Expo for some consumer shows and he suggested to take a half hour bus ride all the way to Changi Village for nasi lemak since we were already in that part of Singapore. I readily agreed as I hadn’t been there before plus I’d heard so much about the good food there that I couldn’t wait to explore.

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The longest queues we spotted were that of Mizzy Corner and Sri Sujana, both selling nasi lemak but we settled for the former instead. A random decision.

Seriously, I really wondered how the queue could be that long when all ingredients were just ready and put out there and all they needed to do was to grab them accordingly as per customers’ orders. Well interestingly, I saw one helper standing inside the stall chit-chatting on his mobile phone and another one was just standing around and doing nothing. The young lady who was serving customers…well, it would be helpful if she sped things up a little bit. Hmm…was that why there was a unnecessary queue?

Chicken Wing Set $3.50

Chicken Wing Set $3.50

Even before I took my first mouthful, I already got a whiff of coconut milk aroma from the rice. And indeed, the fluffy rice was packed with flavour but somehow I thought the rice from Selera Rasa was better executed as this was still a little too soft and moist.

The chicken wing was slightly heavy on the batter but it was fried to perfection so the outside was all crispy and crunchy (though quite greasy) while the inside remained juicy and succulent.

The sambal chilli was a little too sweet for my liking – would be perfect if there was a bit more spice. I did like the ikan bilis that were crispy and the fried egg with a slightly runny yolk.

Fish Fillet Set $3.50

Fish Fillet Set $3.50

The husband wasn’t too impressed with the presentation, lol. And he even thought he was shortchanged with half a fish fillet patty when in actual fact the other half was concealed by the huge dollop of sambal chilli. The fish fillet just tasted ordinary (fried processed food wouldn’t go wrong I suppose?). The husband regretted not ordering the chicken wing set as he felt this was not worth the price tag.

Anyway, while the chicken wing was pretty decent and perhaps was the only thing that was delicious in this entire meal, Mizzy’s nasi lemak wasn’t something I’d come all the way to Changi Village or join a long snaking queue for but we’d been here, tried it and that was it. Next time, we’d go for Sri Sujana.

Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak
Changi Village Market and Food Centre #01-26
2 Changi Village Road
Tel: 9793 1103
Opening hours: 7.00am to 12.00am daily

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