Monster Curry @ Ion Orchard (Revisited)

Since my last visit to Monster Curry (read my earlier blog post here), the husband and I decided to give the Monster Combo Curry Set a try again but this time at a higher spice level of Super Hot. And our verdict?

Super Hot Monster Combo Curry set

It is still not hot enough! I really don’t think the next and highest level of Monster Hot is going to be any lethal. Quite disappointing.

But the good thing is, everything on this combo set is as good as the first time we tried it. The sinfully fried pork katsu, fish fillet and prawn tempura are all so crispy though oily. And I really like the blanched pork belly slices that are packed with a crunch from the layers of fats. The curry sauce is very well balanced and is possibly the best Japanese curry I’ve ever tasted in Singapore to date. Perhaps a little more cheese (current portion is too miserable!) would give it that extra creamy & salty kick.

Till next time, Monster Hot.

Monster Curry
Ion Orchard #B4-52
313 Somerset Food Republic #05-01

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