MuYoo Bakery – Awesomely soft & QQ mochi buns!

Wasn’t planning to buy bread after a super satisfying dinner at Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen, which left me feeling really stuffed. But I just couldn’t resist when I saw some people piling up these mochi buns on their trays when I walked past MuYoo Bakery, lol.

Mu 沐 = Cleanse (natural)
Yoo 优 = Excellence

That’s how the name came about. 😉

The folks at MuYoo celebrate the gift of nature thus they are passionate about making high quality breads with the finest ingredients. Their loaves are made from high protein flour from Taiwan. Everything is kept pure and natural without additives and preservatives.??

MuYoo Bakery - Awesomely soft & QQ mochi buns!

MuYoo Bakery has three outlets in Singapore, which are strategically located in the North, East and West i.e. at Northpoint City, Changi City Point and Jurong Point. This one that I visited is in Changi City Point.

MuYoo Bakery - Awesomely soft & QQ mochi buns!

Besides their signature mochi buns, MuYoo Bakery also does regular bread, buns & loaves, pastries, muffins, Swiss rolls and cakes.

Everything looked so good, I was tempted to grab loads. Well, because I’m such a bread lover, I can basically eat bread for every meal, lol.

MuYoo Bakery - Awesomely soft & QQ mochi buns!

Picked out 5 different types of mochi buns as well as 1 almond croissant. Love how these mochi buns looked. Fat fat. Chubby chubby. Plump plump. Soft and fluffy.?

Couldn’t wait to get home to try all these buns! Woohoo!

MuYoo Bakery - Awesomely soft & QQ mochi buns!

The buns got a little squashed and out of shape by the time I got back, lol.

Let’s start off with the Black Glutinous QQ bun and Almond Croissant!

Black Glutinous QQ ($2.40)

This was like having a pulut hitam (black glutinous rice with coconut milk dessert) in a bun. With the addition of this soft and stretchy mochi that gives a nice contrasting texture. So you get the chewy bite from the black glutinous rice as well as the QQ-ness from the mochi. Very good pairing!

Almond Croissant ($3.40)

Filling was a tad too sweet. The pastry wasn’t as flaky as I hoped it would be. Taste wise, this almond croissant was not bad but it wasn’t the best I had. Still prefer the ones from Tiong Bahru Bakery and Au Croissant.

MuYoo Bakery - Awesomely soft & QQ mochi buns!

Matcha Mochi ($3/pc or $8.50/3 pcs)

Strong matcha fragrance. There were red beans in the filling. A little on the sweet side but when combined with the mochi, the flavour was balanced.

Black Sesame Mochi ($3/pc or $8.50/3 pcs)

This is their No. 1 Best Seller. If you like black sesame paste, you’d really enjoy this. That black sesame paste filling was so pure, thick and fragrant. And when combined with the mochi, it basically reminded me of those glutinous rice dumplings (tang yuan) with black sesame filling.

Choz Banana QQ ($3/pc or $8.50/3 pcs)

Chocolate and bananas never go wrong. The chocolate filling wasn’t too sweet and there were sliced bananas in it. I really liked this!

Peanut Mochi ($3/pc or $8.50/3 pcs)

This Peanut Mochi was my favourite of all as the flavour of the peanut filling was more intense and aromatic. Also, it was a little salted which really made it taste like a pure, natural peanut butter. I guess the main reason why I preferred this flavour is also because I love the traditional mochi with peanuts. It’s just that classic taste that makes this a very comforting treat.

Final Thoughts

These mochi buns from MuYoo Bakery are damn good! Taste is subjective so you’ll need to try all the flavours and see which ones you prefer. A special mention to the bread itself. It’s soft, pillowy and not dry at all. Because of the high protein flour they use, there is this slight chewiness in the bread texture which I really like. 有韧性但不会过硬. 真的好好吃.

MuYoo Bakery, please open a branch in the North East too!?

Muyoo Bakery @ Changi City Point
Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038
10.00am to 8.00pm daily

+65 9838 4183





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