My first gardening experience

Or rather planting experience, lol. I live in a high rise apartment so I don’t have a garden that I can play around with. And I feel absolutely gutted now that I have converted my balcony to part of my living room, otherwise I could have turned the space into a vegetables, herbs and/or spices garden.

I’m a noob when it comes to gardening. And my cousin got me started last week when he gave me a flower pot, soil and part of his existing pandan plant so I brought everything back, replanted the pandan and gave it a new home. The only challenge is ensuring that the plant receives sufficient sunlight as it’s currently sitting on the corridor area outside my home where the lift lobby is.

My first gardening experience: pandan

One week in her new home, Little Miss Pandan seems to have grown a little taller. Somehow the leaves aren’t as fragrant as the ones we get from the supermarket so it’s very unlikely I’d be using these in my cooking for now. Maybe adding fertilisers may help? Fingers crossed.

My first gardening experience: fittonia

Bought two pots of fittonia too when I dropped by Far East Flora over the weekend. The husband was surprised that I bought leaves rather than flowers but I really like them. I love the vein details on the leaves – just so pretty! And I purposely got 1 green one and 1 red one to match too, lol.

These fittonias are quite easy to grow (I suppose, lol). They need to be placed in a shady area and not under direct sunlight as their leaves can get sunburnt easily and they also need to be regularly misted to stay hydrated.

My first gardening experience: tomato sprouts

Planted tomato seeds (from store-bought packet), chilli seeds (from fresh red chilli) and shallot bulbs as well. And I’m happy to see my tomato baby sprouting this morning! Can’t wait for it to grow so I can harvest some cherry tomatoes to make salads!

I never had green fingers previously but I guess it’s my passion for cooking and my love for fresh ingredients that spur me to build up a tiny farm despite I only have concrete to work on. Nothing is impossible until I’ve tried so I can’t wait to see what works out in my newly set up garden. More to come. Stay tuned!


  • Lorrie says:

    Love this! Gardening (even in tiny spaces) is so gratifying! And thanks for following me–gardening and cooking are two of my FAVORITE things!

    • Geri Tan says:

      I agree! I never thought I would like gardening before but since I harvested a few batches of scallions earlier, I felt this tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment from doing it 🙂 Enjoy reading your blog!

  • So glad to find our blog! My fiancé is thinking about relocating us out to Singapore with his job and it is so great to be able to read all about it. Beautiful little garden <3 Thanks for sharing!

    • Geri Tan says:

      Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂 There’s so much to explore in Singapore and so many different kinds of food to try too. I hope you both will like it here. All the best with the moving and I look forward to welcoming you to this sunny island! 🙂

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