Nan Xiang Chicken Rice @ Square 2, Novena

Crowning the best chicken rice stall in Singapore is probably one of the most subjective missions ever. For many years, we probably had heard familiar names like Boon Tong Kee @ Balestier, Wee Nam Kee @ Thomson Road, Loy Kee @ Clementi, Tian Tian @ Maxwell Market or Chatterbox @ Mandarin Orchard Hotel. Having tried many different types of chicken rice at almost anywhere and everywhere, I felt compelled to blog about this chicken rice restaurant that is very near my office and where I often dine at during lunch.
Chicken rice
Oily but fragrant. Went very well with the black soya sauce. Rice was cooked to the right consistency. Each grain of rice was well covered by the chicken fat/oil. That’s probably why the rice tasted so silky and smooth and hence make you forget the oil content in them.
Roast and White Steamed Chicken
Sometimes I find the white one to be better than the roasted one. Some other times, vice versa. Not much of ‘quality control’ for the chicken hence wasn’t able to present consistently good chicken. Most of the times I ate at the restaurant, the chicken was quite juicy. The chicken tend to be ‘fatter’ than others with thick yellowish layers of fats beneath the skin. Despite that, I thought the overall taste of the chicken was still not too bad. Caution – it can get really oily and sickly after a while.
Chicken soup
This was probably the best chicken soup I’ve ever tried at any chicken rice stall. You could taste the essence of the chicken in this clear soup. I’d usually order a big bowl of soup to go with my rice. And I didn’t feel thirsty at all after the meal which meant there wasn’t (or had just a little bit of) MSG in the soup. Superb.
Thai style chicken feet (deboned)
Chicken feet was nicely deboned. Very springy and Q. Sauce was a bit tangy and spicy which made this a very good appetizer.
Stir fried dou miao
Very crunchy. Could taste the fragrance of the garlic. Nothing really great to highlight for this dish. Taste was rather normal.
Overall, it was a pleasant meal that was worth the price. Restaurant did not charge service fee and GST but each diner would have to pay $0.30 for a wet towel and there would be no refund even if you didn’t want to use it. Service could probably improve further as I noticed that the service staff were not very attentive and pro active enough to attend to customers’ needs or requests esp. during the busy lunch hour.
Nan Xiang Chicken Rice
10 Sinaran Drive
Square 2 @ Novena
Tel: 6397 6823


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