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I totally dig vegetarian food these days ever since I had a bad bout of severe constipation and piles a few months back that I needed laxatives from the doctor to relieve myself from the unnecessary anxiety and discomfort. So I started eating less meat and consuming more greens which really helped with my daily digestive health. I’m on the constant lookout for vegetarian food and the husband who is still as carnivorous doesn’t quite share the same sentiments as me though I’ve been urging him to eat less meat!

Anyway we made a trip down to Bugis as I wanted to get vegan mayo from one of the shops here at Fortune Centre and I recalled 《超级小吃赞3》 Snack Attack 3 on Channel 8 had earlier featured this vegetarian Sri Lanka roll from New Green Pasture Cafe that looked really decadent so I recommended to the husband to have lunch here.

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Just go up the escalator to the 4th level and you’d immediately see the cafe.

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Pictures of various dishes on the menu were stuck on the glass panel that concealed the kitchen in action.

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Besides the common corridor area outside the shop, there were more tables on the inside-back of the restaurant where there were also shelves of vegetarian products for sale. We were initially seated here but there was a really strong oily and smoky smell so we moved to a table outside instead.

Their menu only consisted of 2 pages:

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Just place your order with the lady at the counter, make payment and then collect your food when they call out your number. As there were few customers when we were there, our food was served to us directly instead.

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And since their Sri Lanka Roll ($7.50) was their signature dish, we had to order one to share of course.

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This was a wholemeal tortilla wrap with a curry filling made up of diced potato, green bell pepper and celery as well as fresh lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes, drizzled with vegan mayo sauce on top. The curry paste was first stir-fried with a little oil, seasoned and then mixed with water before the ingredients were added in to simmer. A great combination of luscious curry and aromatic spices that boasted a full-bodied flavour without the grease. I was quite sure coconut milk wasn’t added so this was a much healthier version too. The wrap was toasted in the oven before serving so the exterior was warm and slightly crispy. I just loved the different textures with every bite. The vegan mayo was quite a delight too. More on the sweet side but it was an excellent pairing with the roll.

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We also ordered their Soba Salad ($9.50) as we had enjoyed a similar dish from Sunny Choice @ Rail Mall and we wanted to see if this was on par with it. When this was served, I was captivated by its appearance because of the colours and textures. So many things going on in this bowl just like fireworks.

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We mixed everything up thoroughly before eating. Surprisingly, the taste of the first mouthful was quite unexpected as there was a weird taste in the sauce that we couldn’t quite describe – between tartness and bitterness. If you’ve tasted tahini (pure sesame paste) before, well, that overpowering taste in the sauce is similar to tahini (when added too much of it). Something just didn’t quite work out. The husband didn’t like it but I acquired the taste eventually. If that strange taste wasn’t so apparent, this could have been a splendid dish. What I did like are the assortment of vegetables, seaweed and puffed rice crackers that really gave the salad the much needed crunch and textures.

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What I felt was a must-order was this Golden Pillow ($9.50) that really brought sandwiches to a whole different level and it’s one that you’ll hanker for once you’ve tasted it.

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The homemade flaxseed bread which could be purchased separately at the counter was as soft as a pillow (lived up to its name!) and so good on its own too. A lot of fresh vegetables went into this sandwich – lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, purple cabbage, etc – that really gave body and textures to it. The highlight for me was the vegan salad dressing that boasted layers of sweet-tasting flavour that continued to build as I devoured the sandwich. This is indisputably the best vegetarian sandwich I’ve ever had in my life! And I’m not exaggerating!

Sophia, the owner, would keep going around talking to customers to find out if the food served was alright, etc. A vivacious and high spirited lady who seemed so passionate about life. The nature of the food here and the ambience is very heartfelt, unpretentious and welcoming. I’d definitely be back again for the Golden Pillow as well as some other dishes like Taupok Salad that I thought would be interesting to try.

New Green Pasture Cafe
#04-22, Fortune Centre
190 Middle Road
Tel: 6336 8755
Opening hours:
11.00am to 8.00pm (Tue-Sun)
Closed on Mon

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