Ngee Fou Restaurant Ampang Yeung Tow Fu @ Upper Thomson Road

I first came to know about this yong tau foo place a few years ago when an ex-colleague drove us here for lunch and we had come here couple of times since then as the food was good. This place is quite hard to get to if you have no car as it’s located in a rather remote area where there are only private houses and forested areas around besides an army camp further down the road. It isn’t too far away from my home but it can be a hassle to get here as there is no MRT available until the Thomson Line is ready (nearest station would be Springleaf). Anyway, I was sourcing for inspiration for something new to let the husband try and I suddenly just thought of Hakka-style yong tau foo which I was pretty sure he would like a lot because of the gravy.

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Ngee Fou is located at the corner end of a stretch of shop houses, just next to the gas station. Not to be confused with the Hakka Ampang Yong Tau Foo (922 Upper Thomson Road) which is two units away.

Yong Tau Food $9 for 2 pax (800x450)

Unlike the standard Singapore-version yong tau foo where we get to pick from an array of selections and then having it dry or soupy with a noodle of our choice, the one here comes in the form of ‘fixed ingredients’ on a plate (you can indicate what you do not want so they can swap with something else) drenched in a starchy, savoury brown sauce and is charged by the number of persons dining i.e. $4 per pax excluding rice at $0.50 per bowl. The above portion was for the two of us and consisted of fish balls, silken tofu, fried beancurd, bittergourd, wantons, fried beancurd skin, brinjal, lady’s fingers and kangkong. The fried beancurd skin that was so crispy and crunchy was the star of the dish. I particularly enjoyed the brinjal too that had fish paste in it. The fried items definitely outshone the rest because the texture was just delish and they weren’t soggy despite being doused in gravy. The flavoursome gravy was more on the salty side so eating the ingredients on their own might be a little too much for me but pairing with steamed rice was just perfect. The husband had to have a second bowl of rice before he slurped up the rest of the sauce, lol.

Dumpling Soup $2 for 5 pieces (800x450)

The wanton soup ($2) was a good accompaniment to go with the yong tau foo as the broth was clear and light. The dumplings were small in size but were still satisfying without being too heavy. At $2, we had no complains.

Overall, I thought the Hakka yong tau foo here was delicious and was also the closest in taste to the one I had in KL, Malaysia. So if you want to try some authentic Ampang-style Hakka yong tau foo, this is the place to go.

Ngee Fou Restaurant Ampang Yeung Tow Fu
928 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6452 1801
Opening hours: 9.00am to 7.30pm daily

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