Nonya Curry Mixed Veg Rice @ Blk 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

Nonya Curry Mixed Veg RiceThis mixed rice stall has been in our neighbourhood food centre for a number of years now. Every time I’m there, I always see a queue, rain or shine especially in the early morning where everyone is getting their breakfast from here. This may look like any ordinary mixed veg rice stall with various dishes to choose from but it’s special in a way that it also serves up Nonya style lontong, mee siam, curry chicken and more. And if you come by around 10.30am or later, most of these signature dishes are likely to be sold out by then. Yes, that’s how popular they are.

Below were several selections the husband and I ordered from the stall over 3 breakfast occasions.

Nonya Curry Mixed Veg Rice Bee Hoon 1

It was amazing that this plate of fried bee hoon with a fish cake and fried egg was only $2. Definitely a pull factor and that probably explained the constant throngs of customers. Though the price was similar to that of economical bee hoon, this bee hoon was white in colour instead of brown, not overly seasoned in salt and wasn’t too greasy too. It was so simple and unpretentious just like eating grandma’s home cooking in a healthier manner. The fish cake was delicious and it didn’t have that more-flour-than-fish kind of texture like store-bought ones. Loved the fried egg that had a runny yolk. The freshly made sambal chilli was somewhat different from others – it didn’t have a full-bodied flavour like those we could get from nasi padang stalls but this was fragrant, mildly spicy and not grossly oily. It actually complemented the bee hoon very well.

Nonya Curry Mixed Veg Rice Bee Hoon 2

If you’re having bee hoon, then their curry vegetables is a must order. The curry gravy was gorgeous and the vegetables were tender but not mushy and flavoursome too.

Nonya Curry Mixed Veg Rice Mee Goreng

This is a Chinese style mee goreng if you like something different besides the usual bee hoon. I found it a little oily for my liking plus I’m not really a big fan of thick, yellow noodles cos’ it gives me wind but the husband enjoyed it a lot. Oh yes, their sambal goreng is another star dish for me because the chilli that they used to stir fry the long beans, beancurd and tempeh was just so appetising.

Nonya Curry Mixed Veg Rice Mee Siam

This mee siam was totally enjoyable. Its broth was more on the tangy side as compared to Malay style mee siam which is more sweet. And it is a must to mix the mee siam up with the special chilli sauce to give it more heat and squeeze over the lime for an extra boost in flavour. Overall, very refreshing and appetising. I loved the combination of textures from the hard-boiled egg, tau pok and spring onions. Absolutely yummy.

Nonya Curry Mixed Veg Rice Lontong

The lontong was actually made from the same curry vegetables that I ordered with my bee hoon except that there were ketupat rice, tau kwa and a whole hard-boiled egg too. The toasted coconut on top gave the dish more depth and texture too. The curry gravy was mildly spicy so if you like it hot, then you’d have to mix in the chilli sauce according to your preference. Loved the fragrance of coconut milk in the gravy that wasn’t too overpowering.

Overall, we are very happy with this stall that really serves up some scrumptious breakfast dishes at wallet friendly prices. What I am impressed with is that they do not use heavy seasonings in their food so while the food were nicely executed, taste wise, they weren’t too extreme or overwhelming. In fact, it left us room to DIY with extra chilli sauce or seasoning since people have different tastes and preferences.

Nonya Curry Mixed Veg Rice
Blk 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Singapore 560628
Opening hours: 6.30am to 2.30pm daily

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