Nonya-Style Steamed Grouper Recipe

Fresh cod fish has always been our favourite choice of fish but it’s just getting too expensive these days as price has gone up to almost $60 per kg at NTUC Fairprice. This time round, I decided to go for grouper fillets (fresh ones, I’m never a big fan of those pre-packed frozen types) instead as they are slightly more affordable. I wanted a recipe to steam this grouper fillet and give it a more robust flavour besides my usual Teochew or Cantonese styles. And since grouper is not as sweet, tender and fatty as cod, I thought this recipe was really refreshing for a change and the tangy flavour went really well with the slightly firmer flesh of the grouper. Enjoy!

Steamed Grouper Fish Nonya Style

Nonya-Style Steamed Grouper Recipe

Ingredients (serves 2)
1 grouper fillet approx. 180g
3-4 slices ginger

1 ginger flower, finely diced
3 stalks lemongrass (use white portions only), thinly sliced
2 chilli padi (bird’s eye chillies), thinly sliced
juice of 2 green lemons
1 tbsp fish sauce
1/2 tbsp sugar
dash of pepper

1 small red onion, sliced

1. Arrange the ginger slices on the base of a steaming dish. Place the fillet on top.
2. Spoon the sauce over the fillet and steam for 8-10 minutes at high heat till cooked through.
3. Garnish with sliced onions and coriander before serving.

Recipe adapted from Easy Asian Food Recipes

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