Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant @ Toa Payoh Town Park

This is one of my all-time favourite porridge places. First recommended to me by my ex-boss when we used to work long hours then and would head here together for a late porridge supper. This used to be located next to the Indoor Stadium and has since moved to Toa Payoh Central, just next to the swimming complex. Despite being a new restaurant in a new location, it has retained its old school charm and ambience except coupled with a more picturesque scenery of the park and pond.

Appetizer of salted vegetables and stewed peanuts
Free flow of sweet potato porridge ($1.50 per person)

The piping hot gruel is served in a plastic warmer container with a ladle so you can just scoop yourself – as much as you can eat – and then ask for refill again when it runs out. Some people may think that porridge is just porridge and what’s so great about it. Well, these rice grains are not soggy at all. As you can see from the picture, the grains are still complete yet not in a mushy congee state. That’s how I love my porridge to be. The sweet potato pieces are also sweet and yummy. Best thing is, this is light, easily-digestible and of course fat free!

Stewed Pork ($10.00 for small)
The 海京鲁肉 is probably what the restaurant thrives on as one of their best signature dishes. The stew is of course more towards the salty and oily type but that explains why this dish is so authentic with the meat stewed and cooked to perfection. Every piece of the thick fatty meat is soaked with the stew and full of flavours. I used to hate pork fat that’s underneath the skin but with this, I can just indulge on the entire thing as it goes so well with the porridge.
Braised Pig’s Intestine with Salted Vegetables ($8.00 for small)
This 大肠菜尾 is again another must-order dish but that is if you’re a big fan of innards. The intestines are properly handled so there’s no unpleasant smell to it. Plus it’s stewed so thoroughly that it tastes tender yet with a bit of springiness in it. The salted vegetables are very tasty as well just like those from kway chap stalls, crunchy and salty.
Claypot Beancurd ($10.00 for small)
Not the best 砂煲豆腐 I have tried but I like tofu anyway.
Salted Fish and Salted Egg ($5.00 for small)
Great accompaniments to the porridge! Who can resist good old salted fish and salted eggs? Yummy!
Egg with pork ($7.00)

Not on menu as I specially requested for this. Their specialty is actually the chye poh omelette but since I’m not a big fan of chye poh, I requested for a minced pork one instead which they happily do it for me. It’s just a very normal dish. Nothing fab to rave about.

There are many other dishes that I have tried before but I think the below 3 are worth a mention –

  • Pomfret with Salted Black Bean Sauce – the sauce goes very well with the porridge
  • Kangkong with Chili Belachan
  • Cold Beancurd with Pork Floss

Free flow chinese tea and wet towel are an additional $1.20 per person.

Oasis Taiwan Porridge
No 303, Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Toa Payoh Town Park
Tel: 6346 4418
Opens: 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 6.00am daily

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