Oyster Night @ The Line, Shangri-La Hotel

If you are an oyster lover like me, who loves slurping up big, fat, juicy oysters off the shells, then the Oyster Night buffet (every Tuesday night) at The Line is certainly not to be missed. At $88.00++ per pax, you will get to enjoy oysters of different nationalities from France to New Zealand to Ireland on top of a sumptuous spread of international cuisine. Plus, a free flow of sparkling wine that went so well with the oysters and seafood. Simply awesome! Bring your digestive enzyme pills along, I warn you!
Free flow of sparkling wine
I started off my meal with a plate of cold seafood of assorted oysters, mussels, prawns and crabs. The oysters will be shucked upon demand to ensure its freshness. Everything was just so unbelivably fresh! Absolutely no sign of thawed frozen seafood. You just need to squeeze some lemon juice on them and eat them as they are. There’s no need for any tabasco or chilli.
The sashimi was very good too. Just let the chef know what you want and he will slice on the spot for you. I wish he could do thicker slices though. At the appetizers station, I couldn’t resist the parma ham & melon and surprisingly, the luncheon meat looking pork pate tasted good too! The fruit rojak was extremely crunchy and refreshing and could whet your appetite for anything coming next. From the hot food stations, I tried the oyster omelette (with the soury chilli), chicken & beef satay (peanut gravy was great), crispy duck (not crispy at all but still tasted good) and roast beef. All were good except that I found the roast beef a bit too raw (and bloody) for me.
The roast pork and char siew were disappointing though, so were the sauces. Second round of satay as I really loved the gravy. The prata was a bit crappy. I merely took 2 bites but I was already too full for more carbs anyway and I had to save space for more seafood – that’s the main reason to be at The Line after all. There were a lot more food in the buffet such as dim sum, Chinese dishes, Indian dishes like chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and curries, noodle soup, cooked on-the-spot pasta and more, but I didn’t try most of them and merely went for what I wanted and that was oysters and more seafood. Needless to say, I filled my plate with another half dozen of oysters, more prawns and crabs. If I were to die from high cholesterol that very moment, I’d die without regrets.
Enjoying the sights of the desserts and chocolate fountain that had been beckoning me to go over for the entire night. We all love our sweets. Who can ever resist these temptations?
Alas, I did try almost every single item on the dessert station but to my dismay, most did not impress except for the durian mousse cake, meringue and ice cream (I had blueberry sorbet). In fact, even the chocolate used in the fountain didn’t taste like its of good quality. Maybe I am too posh. But pretty things may not be delicious. It’s a lesson learnt indeed.
Overall, it was a good experience. I would definitely return for the Seafood Night on Thursday.
The Line
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Tel: 6213 4275
Opens: 6.30pm to 10.30pm (except weekends & PH from 6.00pm) daily for dinner


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