Paris Baguette Cinnamon, Apple & Love

Paris Baguette Cafe @ Bugis Junction (Revisit)

K came by my house for lunch (and dinner, lol, we could just go on and on!) last week and briefly mentioned she was hooked onto this soft cranberry bread from Paris Baguette. I then realised I hadn’t visited PB for quite a while now. (Read my earlier review on Paris Baguette Cafe) Over the weekend while I was at Bugis, I just had to pop into their Bugis Junction outlet to grab some tea time snacks to go. Admiring their array of delightful pastries never failed to excite me. So what caught my attention this time?

Paris Baguette Pressed Flat Bread $3.20

Pressed Flat Bread $3.20

Cheese lovers, this was one flat bread not to be missed! The crispy cheese on the outside was super addictive. It was like eating those ‘overflowing’ cheesy edges off a pizza crust. Best of all, there was bacon inside the bread that really gave it that salty and smoky flavour. Bacon & cheese, a combination that would never go wrong. Can I just get another one?

Paris Baguette Cinnamon, Apple & Love $2.40

Cinnamon, Apple & Love $2.40

This was a soft brioche with cinnamon and apple bits. The sweetness from the apples and the woody aroma from the cinnamon were nicely balanced out in this. While the layers in between were moist from the sugar frosting, I thought the bread on the inside felt a little dry. But overall, it was still a tasty one, better than most standard cinnamon rolls.

Paris Baguette
#B1-24/25, Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Tel: 6336 7943
Opens: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily


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