Paris Baguette with food to go

In my previous post on Paris Baguette, I had mentioned that the cafe offers salads, sandwiches and pad thais to go besides pastries. So when I was at Wisma Atria earlier, I couldn’t resist packing the pad thai home for dinner.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai $8.50

The green paper label on top was actually meant for the sandwiches but they still used it for the pad thais. Weird.

Anyway this just looked like an awesome fiesta. Big, crunchy-looking fresh prawns, shredded chicken breast with coarsely chopped peanuts, assorted vegetables, rice noodles and sauce in a separate container so it wouldn’t get soggy.

Pad Thai 2

I poured all the sauce over the ingredients, squeezed the lime wedge over and gave it a good toss. Looked so healthy and mouth-watering!

Every mouthful was like a myriad of flavours. Sweet, sharp, spicy, bitter and nutty – all perfectly harmonised. Even the textures blew me away from the crispy lettuce, succulent prawns, firm noodles, tender chicken to the crunchy peanuts.

This is probably the westernised version of the same Thai dish as it really tasted more like a chilled rice noodle salad than an authentic stir fried pad thai but it was good on its own though it was in a different style. If you’re seeking out meal options but can’t get a seat during the peak hours, this is one good alternative to consider that you can pack to go.

Camembert Cheese Quiche $5.50

Camembert Cheese Quiche $5.50

My first time trying a quiche made from Camembert cheese which I thought was just average. There were two big cubes of cheese in the middle of the quiche but as Camembert is normally hard and bland, they didn’t add much value to the pastry. This was an over-baked quiche so the custard was dry instead of being soft and wobbly. The taste was alright, I just didn’t appreciate the texture. I did enjoy the crust that was crispy and light. Probably won’t get this a second time.

Paris Baguette Cafe
#02-48/53, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
435 Orchard Road
Tel: 6836 2010
Opens: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily

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