Pezzo Pizza (Revisited)

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Ever since I tried my first slice of Meat Munchers pizza (read my earlier review here) a few months back, Pezzo Pizza has now become my next top favourite (besides Domino’s) pizzeria in Singapore. With its numerous outlets all over the island, it is just so convenient to grab a few slices to go anytime.

So what did I have this time?

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BBQ Bonanza

This is chicken with red onions, cheddar & mozzarella cheese topped with a nice smoky BBQ sauce. As usual, the pizza crust is of the thicker type and tastes more bready than the usual ones I have but I like its slightly salty flavour and moist, stretchy texture. It may look plain with few ingredients but it’s all about the cheese and sauce here. Cheddar, mozzarella and BBQ sauce are WINNERS!

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Chicken Delight

Chicken breast, onions, button mushrooms and turkey bacon. This pizza slice is overflowing with ingredients that with every bite, something will just fall off. I love how juicy the mushrooms are. The turkey bacon is also lean and tastes just like ham. And the chicken breast is tender and surprisingly moist. Overall, it seems like a ‘healthier’ choice of pizza (minus the cheese!) with lower fat alternatives as toppings which is good. The flavour of this particular pizza is not as robust as the BBQ one because there’s no sauce in this that really tingles the taste buds. But with wholesome ingredients, it’s still a worthwhile treat.

Have you had your Pezzo yet?

Visit their website for list of locations and menu

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