[CLOSED] Pizza Box @ City Square, Johor Bahru

The first time I heard about Pizza Box was when I read some raving reviews from a fellow blogger (thanks again Sam for the recommendation!) last week. And the reviews came at a perfect time as I was also planning a day out to JB with my husband so it became an unanimous decision to have lunch at Pizza Box. No need to crack the brain on where to eat, hurray!

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Pizza Box is located on Level 3, City Square Mall, inside Inner City where there is an eclectic mix of young people’s fashion and accessory shops plus a number of eateries too.

When I finally found Pizza Box, it gave me an impression of a casual, no-frills pizza house just like a fast food outlet but with a more substantial menu. The pizza joint consisted of a small, 20-seater space with an open kitchen behind the ordering counter. As we were there pretty early, the place was literally empty.

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Pizza Box specialises in pizzas and charcoal burgers. The variety may not be huge as compared to other pizza or burger joints but the images and selections on the menu are good enough to tantalise our tastebuds. I was very certain that I wanted a Parma Ham Margherita Pizza as I’m a big fan of parma ham but we couldn’t decide between pork, chicken or beef for the Volcano Cheesy Burger. We settled for pork in the end after changing our minds like 5 times? Haha.

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Pizza Box’s set meals are very pocket-friendly deals. Of course it is also because of the currency exchange rate between SGD and RM that makes dining here even more worthwhile. For a 10″ inch pizza set meal, you will get one side and 2 drinks of your choice. For a burger set meal, you will only get one side of your choice.

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We ordered curly fries to go with our pizza. We didn’t think Pizza Box would make fresh curly fries from potatoes so this was likely to be frozen processed food. But whatever it was, these fries tasted divine. I hadn’t had such great fries in a long while! The oil which these fries were deep fried in was fresh. The fries were fried to perfection with a nice crunch with each bite. Served piping hot, these fries came in a generous portion but they tasted so good, we wished the portion was bigger!

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The Parma Ham Margherita Pizza served with rocket leaves (RM39.90 for set meal). This thing rocked! Just look at how generous the portion of parma ham slices is. Parma ham on every slice of the pizza and plenty of mozzarella cheese. I love the same pizza from Spizza in Singapore but this was even better. The crust was slightly crunchy, thin and light. The saltiness of the parma ham and cheese was well balanced out by the slightly bitter rocket leaves. I took a peep at the chef preparing the pizza earlier and I was impressed to see how focused he was when assembling the pizza and we could just taste the same efforts he had put in to create this beautiful piece of art.

2013-09-13 12.31.46And this was the reason why this pizza was a clear winner. Just look at those strings of cheese as you pull out each slice. Bring on the heart attack!

2013-09-13 12.28.31The Volcano Cheesy Pork Burger (RM19.90) served with potato wedges. We wanted onion rings as the side but they didn’t have stock that day so we settled for potato wedges instead. The wedges were pretty standard but were well fried to crisp like the curly fries.

It was our first time trying a charcoal burger. The buns came in a daunting black colour but the burger was a delightful sight of a thick & juicy pork patty with caramelised onions, tomato, lettuce and gooey cheese cascading from the top like a waterfall. It was too tall for my mouth so I had to eat it in parts. I was impressed with the pork patty as it was so moist and flavourful despite being on the griddle (that would normally dry meat out). I might try the beef next time.

Service was thoughtful. The boss would made sure we had serving plates and napkins without us requesting for them. He even offered us gloves to use so we wouldn’t dirty our hands when eating but since there was a sink for washing hands, there wasn’t really a need for gloves anyway.

If you like Pizza Box’s Facebook page on the spot, you’d get a 10% discount off your total bill. Our total damage? RM53.80 for the entire meal which is approx. S$21 based on that day’s currency exchange rate. No service charge and GST. Free wifi is available too so just ask the boss for the password and you can immediately share these great food with your friends.

A great dining experience that exceeds our expectations of fast food. We will be back.

Pizza Box
City Square
Level 3, Inner City
106 – 108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook
80000 Johor Bahru
Opens: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily


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