Popcorners : The New Shape of Popcorn – Best Corn Chips I’d Ever Eaten

The husband couldn’t stop raving about this snack when we found 3 bags of them on the supermarket shelf after a lady before us snagged a basket filled with these chips. A colleague of his had brought these Popcorners to office a while ago and everyone gave their thumbs up for the product. They are often out of stock easily so it can be quite difficult to find. Well, the fact that the husband doesn’t often ‘promote’ food items with such magnitude that it got me believing this must be damn good. Needless to say, we cleared the shelf. I trusted the husband’s taste, yeah I know, rare, lol.

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This was the husband’s recommended flavour. Anyway, it was the only one available too so we didn’t have others to choose from.

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Comparing with my favourite Kettle Brand Potato Chips (Honey Dijon) or Pringles (Original), Popcorners contains 20% less calories, 60% less fat and are 30% lower in sodium. The only ‘bad’ thing is probably the sugar content which is about 1-2g more than the potato chips but is still an insignificant amount.

Even though these chips seemingly look healthier, they are still junk food and wasted calories that the body can do without so watch your consumption!

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This is the new generation popcorn in the shape of a tortilla chip. I loved its crisp and lightness, just like air-popped popcorn. It also reminded me of puffed rice cakes. The chips tasted sweet and salty, both flavours perfectly balanced. They were so good, I just got hooked after my first bite! One bag is never enough!

Couple of days back, I found this flavour on sale and bought a bag home to try.

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I totally heart this Cheesy Jalapeno! The flavours of cheese and chillies were so distinctive that we got hit by the cheesy taste first followed by the hint of spice at the back of the throat. So uber addictive! Yummy.

If you like popcorn and love snacking, Popcorners is a brand not to be missed! It retails for $3.50 per bag at NTUC Fairprice and we got it at a discounted price of $2.95 during the promo period. Forget the potato, go for the corn! 🙂

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