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Prive ACM is located at ground floor of the Asian Civilisations Museum that is a 5-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT station (Exit H). J and I were here on a weekday afternoon during off-peak meal hours hence the area was quite quiet and peaceful. You can even visit the museum after your meal. Admission is free for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents by the way.? Not bad idea for a day out, eh.

Asian Civilisations Museum

We specifically came to Prive for lunch as we wanted to try their two vegan burgers – Impossible and Beyond – which is now all the rage. Prive has various outlets around Singapore (Keppel Bay, CHIJMES, Wheelock Place and Paragon to name a few) but I chose this ACM one because it’s my favourite museum in Singapore, lol. Not just that, it’s really the location that appeals to me because it’s quite romantic to stroll along the Singapore River from here.?

Prive is a casual all-day dining restaurant that serves popular brunch food (like Eggs Benedict & PBJ pancakes), soups, salads, pastas, burgers, Asian/local dishes and more. Very vegetarian and vegan friendly too as they have a good selection of meatless/plant-based dishes to choose from. For the full menu, please check out Prive’s website http://www.theprivegroup.com.sg/index.php/prive-acm/menus

Prive ACM Beyond Burger

Truffled Mushroom Swiss Plant-Based Burger (Beyond Meat Patty) $21

The Truffled Mushroom Swiss Plant-Based Burger is the only available vegan burger here and you can have a choice of an Impossible Meat Patty or Beyond Meat Patty. Both are priced the same. We ordered one of each.

Each burger came with a mesclun salad and potato wedges. Sides were good, particularly the wedges that were nicely fried to a crisp.?

Prive ACM Beyond Burger

The Beyond Meat Patty looked and tasted quite similar to those processed vegetarian ham or sausage that I would occasionally get from vegetarian food shops.

Prive ACM Beyond Burger

As the patty contained beet juice, it had a pinkish hue that really resembled a beef patty done medium. Well, I would say the Beyond Meat Patty did look promising but taste wise, it had a somewhat weird (artificial) aftertaste that I didn’t appreciate. The texture was quite soft and it wasn’t as ‘meaty’ as the Impossible Meat Patty. J liked it though as he didn’t taste what I tasted. Maybe my taste buds were just too sensitive, lol. But he did agree that the patty didn’t have that meaty bite.

Prive ACM Impossible Burger

Truffled Mushroom Swiss Plant-Based Burger (Impossible Meat Patty) $21

The Impossible Burger came with two patties. In terms of appearance, I must say this looked the most like a real beef burger.

Prive ACM Impossible Burger

When I cut into the Impossible Meat Patty, I really thought I was cutting a beef patty. The meat crumbled quite easily. Its taste was also the closest to real beef though it still wasn’t the same as it didn’t have that fatty, juicy beef flavour.

Prive ACM Impossible Burger

A little overdone so it didn’t have that pinkish middle. Nonetheless, this was still a very satisfying burger. Between the two burgers, I thought the Impossible Burger was way better in terms of appearance, texture and taste. As a carnivore, I still like my meats but if I have to go meatless or vegan, this Impossible Burger will be my first choice for sure.

Prive ACM Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee $7.50

Prive has this weekday promotion for afternoon tea. Simply order any hot coffee or tea between 3-6pm and get 50% off sliced cakes. What a deal!

J ordered a Bulletproof Coffee which was basically espresso with coconut oil and unsalted butter. Keto-friendly choice but only if you like oily coffee. Wasn’t my cup of tea coffee, lol.

Prive ACM Creme Brulee Coffee

Creme Brulee Coffee $6.50

I preferred their flavoured coffee. Not much of a creme brulee taste but this coffee was really smooth and fragrant. Wasn’t acidic at all too. Prive uses coffee beans from Papa Palheta – good stuff. Did I mention that little chocolate cookie by the side was pretty awesome too??

Prive Salted Caramel Pecan & Gula Melaka Cake

Salted Caramel Pecan & Gula Melaka Cake $7/slice

Nice aroma of gula melaka. Cake was moist and wasn’t too sweet. But that chocolate on top was super milky and saccharine. This cake tasted a little like Ma Lai Gao (马来糕), a kind of Chinese steamed sponge cake. Unique and delicious. Highly recommended!

Coconut & Pineapple Cheesecake $7/slice

This cheesecake wasn’t as firm as many other cheesecakes. In fact, it was very soft and mousse-like. Could taste desiccated coconut in the base. Too bad it was on the sweeter side so it got quite cloying after a few mouthfuls.

Fresh Fruit Tart $6

When I saw this tart at the display chiller, I immediately decided to get one. Just loved how the tart was packed full of berries on top. No regrets ordering it because it made the perfect ending to our meal. The tart crust was firm like a biscuit which is exactly the kind of texture I like. Custard cream was sweet while the berries were tart so overall it was very well balanced in flavour. After all that heavy and rich food, this dessert really refreshed our palates. Glad that I didn’t feel like a lump of lard when I left the restaurant.?

Great Ambience, Good Food

We loved the laid-back atmosphere and quiet environment at Prive ACM which made our dining experience really pleasant and relaxing. While the standard of service wasn’t exactly impeccable, we were still sufficiently taken care of. Mains, desserts and coffee were good. The weekday afternoon tea promo of 50% off sliced cakes with any order of hot coffee/tea was a bonus too. Highly recommend their Creme Brulee Coffee and Salted Caramel Pecan & Gula Melaka Cake. Match made in heaven. Yum.?

No reason not to come back.?

Prive ACM
Prive ACM
1 Empress Place
#01-02 Asian Civilisations Museum
Singapore 179555
Mon – Thu & eve of PHs: 8.30am to 10.30pm
Fri & Sat: 8.30am to 12.00am
Sun & PHs: 9.00am to 10.30pm

+65 6776 0777

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