Product Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Mung Bean

I’m a big fan of The Face Shop’s mask sheets because they are made of natural ingredients, extracted from plants, fruits and herbs that we all know about. I have sensitive skin so I am extra cautious when it comes to choosing the right skincare products for myself. I have used Face Shop’s masks for a while now and so far they have not posed any problems for me.

IMG_0018 Face Shop’s Real Nature Mask Mung Bean supposedly helps to purify pores and clarify the skin. We all know the traditional ‘cooling’ properties of mung beans so I’m pretty delighted that while mung bean soup can be cooked for the family to consume, it can be part of my skincare regime too.

I normally like to store my masks in the fridge (not freezer please) so that they feel nice and cold to the skin, and will tighten my pores more effectively too.

About twice a week, I’d exfoliate my face with a gentle facial scrub while in a hot shower. That’d help to open my pores. Then I’d do some light extraction of visible pimples (that are ripe, meaning the heads are showing) as it’d be easier to do so while the pores are open so you wouldn’t need to use a lot of force to get the gunk out. Do not force burst unripe pimples please! You’ll aggravate them to probably return in the form of a more serious impacted growth! Anyway, once the extraction is done to your satisfaction, it’s time to lay down with some pampering to your skin. With the mask of course.

I love the calming and soothing effect of the cold mung bean mask on my face. You’d feel an immediate tightening of the skin due to the cold temperature. Putting on the mask for approximately 20-25 minutes is good enough. You’ll notice there’d be balance solution in the packet after taking the mask out. Do not waste those essence. I’d pat the extra on my skin with my finger tips, paying attention to the area around the nose, high cheeks and forehead.

Just like professional facials in beauty spas, once extractions are done, mask is normally applied to close the pores to prevent infections. Same logic applies if you do it at home.

* Soothing and calming effect
* Makes redness go away
* Helps pimples and blemishes heal faster
* Affordable

* Mask sheet is wide but not long enough. I have a big face and high forehead so the top part of my forehead cannot be covered fully by the mask.
* After removing the mask, I’d feel a layer of sticky residue on my skin which is a little uncomfortable to touch. I’d just leave it and wash away the next morning anyway.

I do not have serious skin problems so this mung bean mask serves me perfectly fine. Plus I do go for facials once in a while so this mask sheet is just an additional treat for the skin, especially good for that time of the month.

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly solution for your oily/combination skin that’s prone to mild outbreaks at times, then you may want to give this a shot.

I rate this product a 7.5/10.

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