Proofer Bakery & Pizzeria @ Changi City Point

Changi City Point is one of the husband’s favourite malls in Singapore because it has factory outlets of most of his preferred sports brands like Nike and Adidas. These days he shops more than I do and it seems like hanging out in malls is once again a frequent affair for us which I don’t mind though it can get boring especially when he only looks at the same old shops and stuffs! And when that happens, I’ll leave the husband to continue with his retail therapy while I go gallivanting in search of new eats, lol.

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A whiff of pizzas baking in the oven led me to Proofer Bakery & Pizzeria located at Basement 1.

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There’s just something so captivating about freshly baked pizzas. Every one of them was just beckoning to me to try them. I hadn’t had a pizza in standard crust for a long while so I was really tempted. Plus I knew the husband would enjoy pizzas (say CHEESE) for an afternoon snack.

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There are 11 flavours to choose from. This pizzeria isn’t halal certified but it doesn’t use any pork or lard.

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And I think the prices are pretty affordable too. The more (bigger) you buy, the cheaper it is.

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Proofer’s signature pizza that was marked with a ‘must try’ so I ordered it just to find out how good it would be. As for my second piece, I chose the satay one as the husband likes stronger flavours.

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Take note they only accept cash payment at the moment.

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After I placed my orders, I was asked if I would like my pizzas to be warmed up and of course I went ahead with it so I had to wait a couple of minutes for them to do so. And once done, the pizzas were individually packed in brown paper bags.

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This was Singapura Satay with pineapple and chicken in peanut sauce. At first bite, I was impressed with its tasteful mix of sweet and savoury flavours and the rich satay aroma that really stood out. Ingredients were plenty and the cheese didn’t taste overpowering so we could enjoy the sweetness of the pineapple chunks as well as the subtle hint of spices in the peanut sauce. While I thought the pizza crust at Pezzo was good, this was equally tasty. This dough was crusty and crispy on the outside (just like those crusty, rustic breads) and soft (but moist) on the inside. This is one pizza I wouldn’t mind coming back for!

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The Proofer Signature on the other hand, slightly paled by comparison. Its flavour just wasn’t as robust as the satay one though it was still not bad. There were pineapple chunks, ground beef, ham, pepperoni and grilled chicken in it and we did enjoy the meaty bite to it.

Overall, I think Proofer’s pizzas are unpretentious, fresh and good. Pretty much the real deal. We’d definitely be back to try the other flavours.

Proofer Bakery & Pizzeria
Changi City Point #B1-39
Tel: 6636 0366
Facebook page
Opening hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily

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We found this ideal place to sit down and enjoy our snacks. It’s an open-air mini landscaped garden with koi pond right in the middle of Basement 1 where the food kiosks are. Oh, and you can also buy fish food to feed the koi. Fun for the little ones!


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