Puncak Best Noodle Halal Muslim Food @ Far East Plaza – freakingly awesome fried wantons!

This is one of the husband’s regular spots for lunch with his colleagues as he keeps raving about its addictive fried wantons that he’s very sure I’d also like. And though most of the food are just average in his opinion, he still doesn’t mind coming back just for the wantons.

I used to like one of the tze char stalls on Level 5 of Far East Plaza a lot and often had lunch there after school when I had to visit Sunny Bookshop that was previously located here before it moved to PS. Been a long time now since my last visit and Level 5 still hadn’t changed with the availability of various makan options.

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The menu at Puncak is predominantly tze char…

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with a mix of hawker fare like fishball noodles, wanton mee, chicken rice, etc.

Fried Wanton $5

Fried Wanton $5

The husband ordered the smallest portion of fried wantons to share so our diet plans wouldn’t go south with too much fried food. These morsels were so freaking addictive! Super crispy and crunchy on the outside and they didn’t ooze oil when I bit into them. Though these wantons could do with a bit more filling, the wanton skin was thin and light and the meat still provided a bite to its overall texture. The black sauce that tasted like a mix of hoisin and soy was a balanced concoction of sweet and salty flavours which really added an extra kick to the wantons. I don’t care, I’m so going to order the LARGE one next time!

Chicken Claypot Rice $5.50

Chicken Claypot Rice $5.50

I ordered the chicken claypot rice that came with skinless chicken breast, mixed vegetables and a generous portion of chye sim underneath, drizzled with soy sauce and topped with fried shallots. Surprisingly, they actually used chicken rice instead of plain rice in this so there was a nice aroma of chicken stock in the rice and it wasn’t overly greasy. The only downside was that the dish wasn’t cooked in the claypot itself (more like scooping already-cooked chicken rice into the claypot) so there wasn’t any guo ba (scorched rice) at the bottom which a good claypot rice should always have. Overall, it wasn’t like a spectacular dish but it was decent, just like home cooked food.

Shredded Chicken Noodles $3.80

Shredded Chicken Noodles $3.80

The husband frowned when this was served because it was really a small portion that anyone could finish in a few mouthfuls. The sauce was similar to that of Ipoh hor fun but it was almost bland and totally unexciting though the egg noodles was firm and chewy.

While the mains didn’t manage to win us over, we were still captivated by the utterly delicious crispy wantons which are definitely worth a return visit. Do note this place accepts cash payment only.

Puncak Best Noodle Halal Muslim Food
Far East Plaza, #05-94
14 Scotts Road
Tel: 6738 4348
Opening hours: 11.30am to 9.30pm daily

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