Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice @ Ang Mo Kio Central

The husband and I had probably passed by this S11 food court umpteen times whenever we headed to NTUC Fairprice at AMK Hub for our weekly grocery shopping. Every time, we’d see a long queue at this chicken rice stall but had never given it a try. Recently we were there again and as it was raining cats and dogs, we tried to cut across the food court with drier flooring and it was when the husband discovered this stall actually offered Free Soup of the Day as mentioned on their signboard. We came back the next day for lunch just to check out the soups they had.

Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice

Though the queue was long, it moved relatively fast so waiting time wasn’t as bad as we thought.

This stall served up both poached chicken and roast chicken rice from $3.50 and up. They also had additional sides like chicken feet, bean sprouts and oyster sauce vegetables. The free soup worked on a rotation basis so there would be a different one everyday.

Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice

We ordered both types of chicken for sharing and it came with a big bowl of soup.

Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice

This was pork rib & peanut soup that was similar to the one we had from Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice @ Katong Shopping Centre. The soup was so rich in flavour and the peanuts were very tender. Again, I was impressed that a chicken rice stall was able to produce such a good quality soup. This must be the reason why the stall could attract so many customers. Best of all, you can ask for a refill. Very tasty indeed.

Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice

The white chicken was served boneless on a bed of beansprouts with fried garlic bits on top. I loved the accompanying sauce and fried garlic that really gave the bland chicken a lot of flavour but I’d prefer the meat to be a lot more smoother and the skin, silkier too. This chicken breast meat just tasted way overdone for my liking.

Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice

On the other hand, the roasted chicken scored for me. As this was the wing cut, I could taste the crispy part on the skin of the wing tip and mid-joint. The skin was delicious and there weren’t a lot of fats underneath as well. Overall, this didn’t taste as dry or bland as the white chicken.

Overall, this was a pretty decent chicken rice stall worth queuing up for its soup and roast chicken. It was probably one of the best I had in Ang Mo Kio besides Da Jia Lai Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Blk 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. Thumbs up!

Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice
S11 Foodcourt @ Big Mac Centre
51 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 569922
Opening hours: 24/7


  • A E says:

    I would not recommend this stall as the stall looks very dirty. You should see how they prepare and transport cooked chicken, it will shock you. Avoid at all cost!

    • Geri Tan says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. We’ve been back for a couple of times now and so far all’s good but will definitely take note in future. Cheers.

  • Thomas says:

    I went to pack back and the one who serving the customer was very impolite! I had never came across such a rude staff in customer service before. I told the man chicken rice one packet and I think he never hear me and asked me pack or eat and he turn around, back facing me. I repeated another 2 times 1 packet as I don’t know whether he heard what I said because when first order, I told him chicken rice one packet in mandarin and he can asked pack or dine in? After I repeated 1 packet in 2times, he turn around and shouted loudly at me :“我没说七包, and his eye was starring at me with anger”. His voice had alert all the coffee shop people seating around and embarrass me! I am very certain this is my last visit to the stall with such an extreme lousy attitude. Very disappointed.

  • Andy Lim says:

    I admit the chicken rice was good but the customer service was really bad.especially the fat guy was rude and showing attitude to customer.
    I once went to tabao one package of chicken rice he asked mi eat here or tabao I told him tabao after that he give me one plate chicken rice I told him I want tabao one then he say “just now I ask u eat here or tabao u say eat here)i was like wtf?than give me a attitude face.
    Damn angry man.

  • Arion wong says:

    Went there today and their staffs service is sub standard, due to their poor language standard maybe .The foreigner infront of me want a extra bowl of rice and they give him a extra full set and make him pay. I wanted to take away, told the guy 2 times and he still give me dine in and when I say I wanna take away he show altitude and blame me for not saying earlier. Will never visit this stall again.

  • Maxx sitt says:

    The service is suck, no wonder they sell chicken, cuz the guy scold all the customer using his voice like a rooster

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