6 Reasons to Consider Going for a Biotech Career in Singapore

The field of biotechnology is advancing at an incredible pace, bringing about transformative changes and driving remarkable scientific breakthroughs across various sectors. It’s an exhilarating and ever-evolving field that holds immense promise for global expansion in the years to come. If you have a genuine interest in microbiology, biochemistry, medical engineering, process development science, or any related disciplines, a biotech career may be the perfect path for you. And guess what? When it comes to finding an exceptional destination where you can truly thrive in this industry, look no further than Singapore. This vibrant city is bursting with advantages that will truly enhance your journey in the captivating world of biotechnology. So, let’s explore the reasons why considering Singapore for your career prospects is a wise decision.

6 Reasons for a Biotech Career in Singapore

Singapore as a Biomedical Hub

Singapore has firmly established itself as a thriving biomedical hub in Southeast Asia. This bustling city-state is brimming with world-class research institutions and esteemed universities, along with innovation hubs that are passionately driving the advancement of biotech and medical sciences. Among these remarkable establishments is Biopolis, a dedicated center for research and development in the realm of biomedical sciences. Nestled strategically in Buona Vista, this thriving community finds itself in close proximity to key institutions like the Singapore Institute of Technology and the National University Hospital.

What sets Singapore apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence, showcased through its state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and a government that wholeheartedly supports the biotech community. It’s an ecosystem carefully crafted to foster collaboration, nurture innovation, and facilitate the seamless translation of groundbreaking discoveries into real-world applications. Here, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts come together, forming a tapestry of knowledge-sharing and collective expertise, all with the common goal of making meaningful contributions to the world of biotechnology.

Availability of BSL 2 Laboratories

Conducting biotech research often requires laboratories equipped with at least a biosafety level 2 (BSL 2) certification to ensure the safety and containment of biological hazards. Fortunately, it’s easy to find a BSL 2 lab in Singapore. This enables scientists and other researchers to conduct their work in safe and controlled environments.

Indeed, Singapore’s thriving biotech sector has enabled the growth and expansion of research facilities that now cater to various members of the community, including startups and young biotech professionals who are just starting in their careers. These facilities provide access to modern equipment and technologies that may not be accessible to starting or cash-strapped biotech firms and researchers.

Increased Global Activity in Biotech

The biotech industry is experiencing substantial growth worldwide, and Singapore has emerged as a key player in this dynamic sector. Singapore is particularly well-known to be a technological hub. It continues to attract global attention due to its strong commitment to research and development. This cultivates an environment that is conducive to innovation in a variety of fields, including biotechnology and life sciences.

Singapore’s strategic connection to international markets also enables professionals to engage in global collaborations. This provides biotech professionals valuable exposure and a reliable way to expand their networks. The latter is particularly important, as biotechnology has plenty of overlaps with other sciences.

The Demand for Talent Specialisations

As the biotech industry continues to expand globally, so does the demand for specialised talent. Thus, Singapore is also continuously seeking professionals with expertise in various biotech fields, including genomics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and regenerative medicine.

The nation’s commitment to fostering talent is evident through various government initiatives, collaborations with academic institutions, and partnerships with industry leaders. If you decide to pursue a biotech career in Singapore, you can expect abundant career opportunities, competitive compensation packages, as well as multiple avenues for continuous growth and development.

Supportive Government Policies and Funding

Singapore has always had a pro-business environment, with plenty of government policies that make it an attractive destination for biotech professionals. Apart from a range of incentives and research grants, the government of Singapore also has a variety of funding schemes to help support research and development activities.

In short, biotech companies and professionals in Singapore can access funding for their projects. You can also take advantage of tax incentives for research and development. All of these help foster a vibrant ecosystem for the biotechnology sector to thrive and attract top talent. Should you want to pursue this career path in the future or if the opportunity presents itself, you’ll have plenty of resources and incentives to help you even to start your own biotech company.

Quality of Life and Work-Life Balance

In addition to a myriad of career opportunities, Singapore also offers a high standard of living. And a working culture that is conducive to work-life balance. The country also boasts excellent healthcare facilities, a world-class education system, and a multicultural society that embraces diversity. As such, professionals from the biotech industry and beyond can enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle. With access to a vibrant arts and cultural scene, green spaces, and a safe environment. In addition, Singapore’s emphasis on continuous learning ensures that individuals can pursue their passions and interests beyond their professional endeavours.


Singapore has long been known as one of Asia’s—and the world’s—leading scientific and technological hubs. As such, it’s definitely an attractive destination for individuals considering a career in biotechnology. With its cutting-edge facilities and incredible government support for the sciences and innovation, Singapore offers an ideal environment where biotech professionals can excel. By choosing Singapore, aspiring biotech experts can tap into a thriving ecosystem, access world-class resources, and contribute to groundbreaking research, on their way to a rewarding career in the dynamic world of biotechnology.

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