Salted Egg Prawn Recipe 牛油黃金虾

This dish needs no further introduction 😉 It’s one of our local favourites and a must-order dish at any tze char stall which I also think is tasty and moreish enough to join the ranks of chicken rice and chilli crab as our national dish. Who doesn’t love salted egg, really? And with the combination of crispy curry leaves, this fragrant concoction is simply intoxicating and addictive.

To my readers who loved and raved about my Fried Chicken with Salted Egg Yolk Recipe, here’s the prawn version to satisfy your cravings for more. It’s basically the same recipe except that the protein used is different. My tips to achieve the perfect salted egg prawn or chicken dish are (1) to use tapioca flour as a coating for a crispier texture and (2) to fry the curry leaves beforehand to bring out its aroma. Hope you guys will enjoy this Salted Egg Prawn Recipe too! 🙂

Salted Egg Prawn Recipe

Salted Egg Prawn Recipe

Ingredients (serves 4)
20 large tiger prawns, de-shelled & deveined
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 cup tapioca flour
salt & pepper
sunflower oil for frying

For the salted egg yolk sauce:
2 tbsp unsalted butter
1 tbsp olive oil
handful of curry leaves
2 tbsp evaporated milk
4 salted egg yolks, steamed & mashed
pinch of salt

1. Marinate prawns with egg, salt and pepper.
2. Dredge prawns in tapioca flour, shake off the excess and transfer onto a clean dry plate.
3. Deep-fry the prawns in batches till golden brown and crispy. Drain and transfer onto paper towels to remove excess oil.
4. For the salted egg yolk sauce, heat olive oil in a separate pan and melt the butter till it turns foamy. Pan-fry the curry leaves till crisp and fragrant.
5. Add the salted egg yolks and cook till the mixture becomes bubbly.
6. Reduce heat and add evaporated milk and a pinch of salt.
7. Return the fried prawns to the pan and toss till evenly coated.

Salted Egg Prawn Recipe

Come on, let’s dig in immediately! It’s impossible to stop at one ;p


  • Yvonne says:

    I love your recipe for the salted egg chicken ! My family loves it and is so easy to cook. Many of my friends actually asked me for recipe. I directed them to your blog and I even shared on my blog. I actually tried making it with prawns before you posted this. Mine doesn’t look as yummy as yours . Anyway, thank you for posting this up! Please continue to post up delicious recipe 😉

    • Geri Tan says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Yvonne! 🙂 Really glad to know you and your family enjoyed the dish. If only salted egg yolk and butter are more heart-friendly, I will probably experiment with different salted egg yolk dishes more often as there are just endless possibilities and combinations. Do share this recipe too if you like it 🙂 And thanks again for your support! 🙂

  • Hi sweety, nominated you for an award. Check it out on my post Versatile Blogger Award.

    • Geri Tan says:

      Thank you dear! I’m deeply honoured that you’ve nominated my blog for this award and I really appreciate that. However I have previously accepted similar awards hence I’m no longer accepting new nominations as I do not wish to repeat posts of the same nature on my blog. Can get too spammy 🙂 Hope you understand 🙂

  • bentodays says:

    Super yummy! We recently bought the salted egg powder (so I don’t have to mess with salted eggs) and we’ve had this dish twice in the last week! Love it!

  • slawandorder says:

    This looks delicious! Love the idea of pan-frying the curry leaves!

  • mr b cooks says:

    Looks great! Sorry if I have missed something but what is the best way to prepare the salted egg yolks? If I seperated a whole egg then could I just steam the yolks? I’d be worried about breaking them in the steamer!

    • Geri Tan says:

      Thanks Graham! 🙂 Yes, you can separate the yolk from the white when it’s raw. The yolk is very firm so you can just pick it up with your fingers and the white is runny like the normal chicken egg white. Alternatively, you can also boil the eggs and remove the yolks which probably is the easiest way to do. Hope you like the recipe and let me know how it goes! 🙂

  • thehungrymum says:

    I am not familiar with this dish but gee it looks goooooood 😉

  • YUM! I haven’t cooked much with prawns, but this looks so good! Nice post 🙂

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