Soon Heng Handmade Noodle 顺兴手工云吞面 @ Mayflower Market & Food Centre

2014-03-15 13.03.10

As part of my Ang Mo Kio food hunt, I made my way to Mayflower Market & Food Centre wanting to eat this fishball noodles which I thought was pretty good when I tried it a long while back but the stall had closed and was replaced by a pastry shop. So I walked to the other end of the hawker centre to see if I might find anything of interest. I spotted a number of people ordering the dry wanton mee from this stall so I decided to try out its noodles.

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Wanton Noodles $2.50

These days I prefer soupy noodles to dry ones so I ordered the Wanton Noodles Soup which was at an incredibly affordable price of $2.50. I expected the portion to be small but I was wrong. A thick bunch of noodles with plenty of sliced char siew and fat looking wantons. When the husband saw this, he went, “I should have gotten this!”. Indeed. The broth was not oily or salty at all which was exactly what I wanted but could be too plain for some who prefer a more intense flavour. The noodles were blanched till perfectly al dente so they were firm and springy. The char siew was decent. Lean and tender. The humble looking wantons were surprising flavourful and full of meat. Overall, it was a very healthy lunch for me. After all, a wanton mee soup has only 215-290 calories!

2014-03-15 13.05.50

Dumpling Noodles $3.00

The husband had dumpling noodles soup which somehow didn’t look as sumptuous or appetising as my wanton noodles. Each dumpling was tightly filled up so every mouthful was a meaty bite. There were minced prawns in the filling that gave a good crunch. Though the standard of these dumplings were no where near his mum’s which he dearly missed, he still enjoyed the entire bowl. Again, this was another healthy hawker fare with less than 300 calories.

This wasn’t a spectacular meal but it’s value-for-money and doesn’t make one’s diet plans go south. If I’m in the vicinity next time, I’d probably try the dry wanton mee with crispy fried wantons and the chicken noodles too.

Soon Heng Handmade Noodle
Mayflower Market & Food Centre
162 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4
Opening hours: 5.30am to 2.30pm (Wed-Mon), Closed on Tue


  • Sam Han says:

    And they sau Sg has no handmade egg noodle for wanton mee stall. The portion is also generous for $2.50. I must wake up early to visit, lol…

    • Geri Tan says:

      This market is not usually crowded. Don’t think you need to be there early 🙂

      • Sam Han says:

        any timing before 2.30pm is early for me nowadays. My sleep pattern has changed due to recent activities. I was there for prawn noodles. Do you have a fb page yet? 🙂

        • Geri Tan says:

          Haha, I’m the complete opposite. These days I wake up 6-ish to hit the gym and so far my body clock has kind of adjusted to such timings so I don’t feel sluggish or tired anymore. Nope, no FB page yet. Not sure if I’d even have one, lol.

          • Sam Han says:

            These two days are better for me, slept through the night and wake up mornings. Hope it will stay that way. when are we going for makan and do a post together? 😀

          • Geri Tan says:

            hope you’re keeping up with the regular sleep pattern! makan session not so soon as I’ve yet to hit my target weight plus I’ve lots of backlog to clear too, lol. Maybe July? I’m trying to lose more weight first before embarking on more feasting! :p can we pick something healthy to eat haha any suggestion?

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