Special thanks to a special friend…

I was delighted to receive a surprise at my doorstep when I came home on Saturday.

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A cheery bouquet of sunflowers 🙂

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The name of this bouquet is called ‘Rooting For You’. Three simple words but it’s exactly what my dear friend wanted to tell me. I knew her years back when we shared both wealth and woe, tears and joy, blood and sweat in the workplace as well as within our social personal hemisphere. Someone who has never lost touch with me no matter where we are. Even if we don’t meet each other often due to our busy schedules, we are always in each other’s thoughts. And when we finally meet after a long while, we behave as though we have never been apart for long. That’s how interesting and special our relationship is. In fact, that’s what a true friendship is all about.

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She never forgets that Forever Friends Bear is my all time favourite bear. She says this is meaningful because it describes us – forever friends we shall be.

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Her thoughtful gifting of this bouquet brings me touching tears of joy and it also reminds me of the time she caught hold of my bridal bouquet at my wedding two years ago.


And I’m very sure that matrimonial luck is still with her because it’s something that I always wish for her to have and that is for her to meet her true love and to have bliss and happiness till the end of time.

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Thank you, PM for everything you have done for me in the past and in the present. For being one of my few listening ears and confidantes, one of my few best mates, the best co-worker who have supported me all the way through and for being the one and only you.

Merry Christmas, my dear friend! I will be cooking up a feast with some of your favourite dishes…John and I will be seeing you very soon 🙂

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