Starry Night…and Good Night!

Whenever I’m feeling down, I have a habit of standing by the window at night and looking at the sky. Sometimes, I see stars near and far. Sometimes, a crescent or full moon. All of them seem to be comforting me from above…

Starry Night
by Geri Tan

Starry starry night
I look out of my window
All quiet and serene
on this starry starry night

Twinkling twinkling stars
They hang on the dark clear sky
Shining bright and yellow
are these twinkling twinkling stars

Windy windy night
The trees all sway with might
Leaves get swept away
on this windy windy night

Shooting shooting stars
They fall on Earth from Mars
Meteor rain and showers
are these shooting shooting stars

Starry starry night
I close and lock my window
Time to go to bed
I wish you all good night

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